men 2.0

Man of Fashion: 2.0 with Langston John Blaze

AHHHHH!!!! screamed the modern man whose wife brought him home a pair of fitted jeans, a blazer, and a slim-fit dress shirt. Men, never fear. Blaze is here. The ironic thing is men are always saying how they want to look good for their women. Yet, you come home dressed in sock-like toboggans, 2Pac-inspired white-Ts, and 90’s influenced camouflage from head to toe. Please, just throw yourself off a diving board face first now (just kidding…kinda.)

Men of the 21st Century, wake up! It’s time to throw away your baggy, dull colored, wrinkled wrecked clothes and upgrade to fashion 2.0. Come on! Surprise the conservative atmosphere you live in! Come to work ready to take care of business (dress code appropriate, of course) but in unconventional style. If your workplace is more traditional, distract the boardroom with eye-popping colorful ties to make your (hopefully) stylishly fit classic black, gray, or brown suit, stand out.



As another great tip, always check your neck and dress shirt sizes before catering to your new fashion. Also, your giving your modern man look a seat on the bench. Don’t bring him back in the game with the right style but wrong size! To add amazing to amazing, tailored shirts and blazers compliment the torso.  If your job does allow a more casual-formal look, try a nice blazer, with a opened plaid shirt underneath. For a bolder look, give your ties a rest and try a bow tie or turtleneck to compliment a traditional three piece suit. For shoes, your classic brown and black look great, but don’t sleep on oxblood shoes as worn by Big Sean in the latest issue of GQ.

Life is too short to waste it on bad fashion. Stores like Express and H&M have affordable clothes for the modern man ready to resurrect his style to Man, 2.0. Okay, now that you’ve drowned those awful “clothes“, start a bon fire and burn those suckers to the ground and welcome to the tireless world of fall fashion!





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