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How Does Your Man Feel About Your Short Cut?

How Does Your Man Feel About Your Short Cut?

Are you feeling some type of way about your short cut? Don’t think the fellas are watching? THEY ARE!

Sometimes as women we put too much emphasis on what we think men like as far as our hair & appearance. They DON’T CARE! Ok, they care but not as much as we think they do. If nothing else, it is the confidence that a women exudes no matter what she’s wearing. I decided to go straight to the source and ask 5 men how they felt about women and “Short Cuts”.

HOMEGIRL: GIRL what did your man say about your hair? Was he mad?

Girl Who Big Chopped: He LOVED IT!

“HIS” Standpoint:

  1. “First thing first I have never seen a woman that I was attracted to and thought about her hair. Now that’s not to say I haven’t seen some women with fucked up hair, its just that the women Im attracted to I could careless about whats on their head. To me confidence is attractive, Im pretty sure that’s universal. People gravitate towards the competent, self assured, and independent. Webbie and Boosie made a whole song about it. So lets get to the nitty gritty the #bigchop, #goingbald, #domecity, #shorthairdontcare, #ponytailinsufficient, #barbershopgang. I think anytime a sister makes a move and owns it, is the purest form of black girl magic, an intoxicating aphrodisiac that is pure crack. Cut it, Own it and dont worry about the man that needs a handful of hair to pull cause theres a brother out there that rather have a handful of something better.” -DD
  2. My feelings towards the “Big Chop” and other drastic choices when it comes to beauty and appearance boils down to this, “Do you feel confident?” When you feel the confidence, that’s when you walk straighter, stand taller with your chin remains up as you exude confidence and you know deep down inside that you’re staying true to you. Doesn’t matter if your full in the face and waist or skinny with a slender face. Try something new and you may be shocked. Believe me, when your confidence starts to leak, men want to be with you and women want to be you. The only way to know if it’s something that you’ll like is if you simply chop it off. Personally, confidence is attractive. Owning ones beauty is a turn on for others. We’ve linked beauty of today’s society to long hair and perfect skin but let’s be honest we weren’t born with luscious weaves and dermatology approved skin standards. Strip down to raw essential beauty and remember this, if you don’t like the short hair, baby they make outstanding wigs to cover. -EG
  3. I guess it’s extremely liberating for a woman to free herself of the bondage of hairstyles, weave, stylist etc. Also I believe it’s a way to escape the “group think” process in regards to how today’s woman should look. Most women that I’ve seen do the “Big Chop” packed on the make up afterwards. I guess after doing it and all the criticism that comes from insecure people who say things like “OMG why would you cut your hair?”, “I’d never cut off my hair,” or “you look like a boy/man now,” makes some women believe make up gives them back their femininity. The ones who don’t run to the make up are the ones that feel good inside and don’t feel any need to over compensate, and those are the true beauties in my opinion. Who cares about the length of a woman’s hair who’s shining from within. -FM
  4. It’s about the confidence behind the short cut, because the stigma and social media hype about woman with long hair is so overrated. Confidence and boldness to take that leap says a lot about the woman that she knows who she is and confident to know she’s more than just a pretty face. Sexy is skin deep. When a woman knows who she is, knows what she wants in life and what it takes to get there speaks volumes. All natural everything is Beautiful. All that the Creator has made he said it was good, but who can find that Virtuous Woman. That’s “Sexy”.-DL

If you’ve ever worried or wondered, I’ve given you 5 strong opinions…GUYS find confidence sexier than the hair you’ve cut off!


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