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Man of Purpose; Get to know The Real Martin Luther!

Man of Purpose; Get to know The Real Martin Luther!

My Nana always said, “…Music is the language of the soul tossed to the wind…,” and I believed her. Not because she was my grandmother, but because she was right. You will always know the tastes and purpose of a people based on their songs, lyrics, beats, instruments, and melodies. Those talented enough to become artists know this better than anyone on the planet. Music comes from the soul, is the soul, and at times transcends the soul. Few people understand its power better than Martin Luther McCoy. Martin Luther is one of those rare artists who lives and knows his purpose–the making of soulful and purposeful music! All of his songs ring with a clarity and delicious understanding of all the little things in life. He is far from a newcomer to the music game having already released three albums, touring with Cody ChesnuTT and singing with The Roots.


Hailing from San Francisco, Martin Luther comes from a strong, close family who like himself, believes in doing everything with a purpose. He looks to his father is a powerful influence on how things are done. In fact, his father was an officer during the riots in The San Francisco Bay area during the riots of the late sixties. “…he was just one of the many African-American cops then who were trying to keep people safe…they knew what it was like to be brutalized and made protecting people their top priority…” Unlike most musicians, he knew he wanted to be an artist for as long as he could remember. He even taught himself to play the drums, piano, and guitar! “Learning to play different instruments really started off with just being exposed to them…people think in the ‘hood you don’t really have the opportunity to be taught a lot, but when you’re a kid and you’re having drumming contests with other kids and you learn this beat sounds good with that one—or this melody makes that one pop you start to really learn what you’re working with…” Martin Luther has taken this knowledge and his past to work wonders beyond the music industry by acting. In fact he has appeared in a number of films; The Roots Present (2005), Block Party (2005), and Across The Universe (2007). Surprisingly, he does not prefer music to acting, finding both of them enjoyable. He hopes to do more acting in the future, but currently he is focusing on his latest hit single, “Finally.”


“Finally,” is nothing short of an amazing wedding ballad he co-wrote with producer, Kevin Choice. The song details all the tenderness and romance of that moment when two people become one. “We wrote it because we don’t hear music like this on popular radio…men talk about sex and freaking, but they rarely talk about being romantic and settling down…” The song is just a taste of new music he has coming early 2015. He proudly admits to being single, claiming music as the leading lady in his life. “Music has allowed me the opportunity to travel and meet different people and I do enjoy the time and company of a few women, but I am currently not committed to anyone…I do like a woman with a purpose, who’s independent, and who understands my greater love for music…” This great love for music does not allow him much downtime. When he is free, he looks after his aging parents. However, he does make time to give back to his community by being involved with The Omega Boys Club and The Take Wings Foundation, a charity that provides young women with a platform and works with their self-esteem. Although his charitable works are centered in the San Francisco Bay area, his thoughts and prayers are with the people of Ferguson, Missouri. He wishes there was more celebrity involvement, but believes many have are being silent because of the position it places them in. Still, he feels police brutality and the excessive force used against Afican-American men has become a nationwide epidemic that must be addressed.  “My father was a policeman so I know how to deal with cops, but what gets me is why are they always at Def-Con 10 when it comes to black men? When I ask that question all I get is blank stares…”


Martin Luther is more than just an artist, he is a man with a purpose. With the state of music in such a lackluster state it is refreshing to hear some REAL music. 2014, marks fifteen years in the game for him and now with new music and even greater sense of self he is still doing what he was meant to do. He advises all aspiring artist to “…Learn your [their] craft…and be thorough…” You can follow Martin Luther on Twitter @MartianLuther, on Instagram @MartinLutherMcCoy, and on his official website www.MartianLuther.com.



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