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BET Being Mary Jane Margaret Avery

Margaret Avery on BET’s Being Mary Jane & More

Margaret Avery Being Mary Jane

In many cases, people do not realize what they have until they no longer have it. These are wise words from Academy Award nominated Margaret Avery regarding her character, Helen, on BET’s Being Mary Jane. This season has been challenging for Helen. Avery reflects on her character’s recent decisions as well as how she overcomes obstacles as an African American woman in Hollywood.                

Was it Lust or Love for Helen?

Viewers could not seem to grasp why Helen would cheat on Paul with his old friend, Frank. However, Frank is Helen’s ex-lover. Avery feels Helen was stuck in the past and was missing that exciting romance in her marriage. When couples experience infidelity issues the main reason is they feel something is missing in their relationship. But is it worth risking what you have? Helen seemed to have thought so – at first.

As we all may have experienced, the grass is not always greener on the other side. Avery feels Helen should fight for her marriage with Paul, especially sMargaret Avery BETince she realizes that she still loves her husband. Not to mention Helen almost immediately regretted her actions. Everything happens for a reason, though. Margaret is pretty sure Helen wouldn’t have been happier with Frank due to his gambling and addictive habits. She also mentions how the sex life would’ve struggled due to his bad habits. Overall, Helen was simply lusting over Frank. Lust and love are not the same but are often mistaken for one another. What sparked this fling in the first place? Helen remembered the excitement of how things used to be and was in love with the past relationship. Another theory is Paul simply wanted to see if Frank really wanted to patch up the friendship that was lost. This was an innocent gesture gone wrong. Once Helen and Frank came face-to-face, those old feelings came back. The legendary actress asked a question that should make the viewers think. Did Frank ever love Helen if he never tried to contact her after leaving?

                 Margaret Avery BET Being Mary Jane

Mother-Daughter Traits

We must think about our actions and who they affect. Margaret has a point about how we subconsciously become our parents. This could be why Mary Jane is somewhat following in her mother’s footsteps by breaking up with Lee for Justin. Well, Margaret highlights that in this new generation, women are more unapologetic about their wants and needs. Mary Jane’s aggressive personality represents that. She did not want to play it safe by staying with Lee just because he was a good man. Helen sees herself in Mary Jane’s actions. She wants the best for her children, but criticizing Mary Jane for her break up was selfish. This makes her realize that she only married Paul due to her pregnancy. Though she grew to love Paul, it was the only decision Helen could have made at that time.

              BET Being Mary Jane Margaret Avery

Beauty Tips and Hollywood Obstacles

BET Being Mary Jane Margaret Avery HelenWhen asked about her nice skin, the star admits to being blessed with never having acne. She also says to thoroughly remove makeup before bed and moisturize your skin. Remove makeup as soon as possible so your skin can have more time to breathe. Using 100% cotton balls helps as well because they are more effective as they get deep into your pores. Last but not least, drink plenty of water. There are different skin types but these tips should be helpful to everyone.

As an African American woman in Hollywood, of course Avery has experienced challenges. She says she had to get used to rejection and did so by having thick skin. When she first began acting, there weren’t many black projects to audition for. There weren’t even any makeup artists to properly work with her skin tone! Nonetheless, she has persevered and continues to make her mark in the industry.

Being Mary Jane Helen Margaret Avery

Follow her social media accounts: Instagram – Margaretshugavery/ Twitter– Margaretavery85/ Facebook– Margaret Avery

Images courtesy of Margaret Avery


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