Martin Lawrence Predicts ‘Bad Boys III’ Is A No Go

According to Martin Lawrence, the highly anticipated third installment of the Bad Boys franchise may never see the light of day. Bad Boys II may have been our last chance of seeing the dynamic good cop bad cop duo kick down doors, crash through homes, and save the day.

Bad Boys III
Will the dynamic duo come together for a Bad Boys III?

Bad Boys III

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Martin said, “I don’t think we’re going to get one, not the way everything’s turning out. Will is off doing another movie, and I don’t think it’s going to happen.”

In recent, the former fresh prince of Bel-Air, Will Smith was cast to play the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin. The idea of Will Smith granting my three deepest wishes is fun, but the idea of Will Smith running shirtless for a third time instantly brightens my day. Not to mention, the thought of Martin Lawrence running right beside him in an attempt to catch their suspect.


Bad Boys III
Will Smith starring as Mike Lowrey in Bad Boys.

Will and Martin aren’t your average good cop bad cop duo. I guess that’s what makes the duo so entertaining. “We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life.” It seems as if the term, for life was short lived. Tell us what you think below. Do you think there should be a Bad Boys III?

Bad Boys III
Martin Lawrence and Will Smith are the best cop duo in film history.




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