Marvel Under Attack? New Facebook Leak & Google Case has Marvel Studios up in arms!

Somebody’s getting fired! Beyoncè made the phrase famous at a concert and Marvel took notice. The popular publishing company is FURIOUS over the new Avengers; Age of Ultron trailer leak. I sat at my computer about two weeks ago and watched the trailer in complete awe. That movie is definitely a must see on my summer 2015 list, as the last one was incredible. Anyways, I noticed that shortly after, the trailer was down on every site including my own. A few days later, it was back up. I didn’t think anything of it but apparently, it’s kind of a big deal.
[Marvel asked for information on pseudonymous user] “John Gazelle,” who uploaded a version of the trailer to Google Drive. The judge agreed, telling Google to fork over the IP address of the person who uploaded the leaked file to Drive, as well as the IP addresses associated with the person’s Google+ and YouTube accounts. On November 18, Google will have to appear in court with that information. Since this initial leak, a Facebook user going by the handle Adoro Filmes, has posted footage from the upcoming home video release of Guardians of the Galaxy, including a sneak peek at Avengers: Age of Ultron, online.  Marvel has yet to file charges against Adoro. Nevertheless, this latest slew of pirating is yet another headache for the film company.
This summer, a full-length version of the new Expendables movie leaked ahead of its release, and the movie was ultimately a flop. But a new Avengers movie is even bigger — certain to be the blockbuster event of the year — and Marvel doesn’t wants everything released outside its own schedule. I don’t blame them and honestly it’s a shame that people seriously leak these kinds of things. Actors and artists get paid off of their work, if hackers keep leaking things, people won’t be able to make a living. It has to be extremely frustrating for the publishing companies. I hope the person is caught and prosecuted, maybe these leaks will happen less since Marvel is taking action. No pun intended.

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