Marvel Phase 4: “AvX: Avengers Vs. X-Men?!”

Marvel Studios is WINNING! Not just winning, really, REIGNING! The superhero genre continues to skyrocket with the latest installment of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Age Of UltronThe end of this film signals the end of Marvel’s second phase and beginning of its third, which will usher in films based on Black Panther, Doctor Strange, The Inhumans, and new installments of the Avengers in a two part film based on the Infinity War.


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Naturally, Marvel is planning its fourth phase beyond 2020 and it is rumored the the company’s “merry mutants” will be finally joining the fray. As you know Fox owns the rights to The X-Men, but Marvel desperately wants them back in the fold. How can both studios benefit? A crossover so big it makes The Hulk look miniscule! “AvX: Avengers vs. X-Men” is the storyline the rumored film would be based off of. For you non-fanboys and girls, a few years back the Avengers and X-Men actually went to war with one another; with face offs like Colossus vs. The Red Hulk, Iron Man vs. Magneto, Cyclops vs. Captain America, and even Rogue vs. She-Hulk! Sounds amazing right?


These may be just rumors for the time being, but how awesome would this be? My money’sarrow always going to be on the X-Men, though. There are just too many mutants with too much power for the Avengers, in any incarnation, to truly defeat them all. These superhero movies just keep upping the ante!

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