Marvel Seeks Ava DuVernay for ‘Black Panther’

Tuesday (May 12) the American Civil Liberties Union called for an investigation on the hiring practices of prominent Hollywood studio agencies.

The New York Times reports, “the organization [ACLU] described as rampant and intentional gender discrimination in recruiting and hiring female directors.”

ava-duvernay At the peak of the ACLU’s call for investigation, Marvel Cinematic Universe expressed their interest in Ava DuVernay directing “Black Panther” and/or “Captain Marvel.”

Most recently, DuVernay is nobly recognized for her Academy Award Winning film “Selma.”

If the DuVernay directs the two superhero films it will be a record for some cinematic firsts. “Black Panther” is Marvel’s first African American superhero and Captain Marvel being the first “female-fronted titan.”

If DuVernay is hired she will also become Marvel’s first African-American director, as well as their first female director.

Chadwick Boseman will play T’Challa aka “Black Panther.”

In an interview with Variety the “Get on Up” star said, “I’m beyond excited… This actual character is ht_gty_chadwick_boseman_black_panther_kb_141029_16x9_992unique in a lot of ways. I can’t think of another character that’s like the leader of a nation and he’s a superhero at the same time.”

As of now Boseman is the only official cast-member. The film is set for release in 2018.

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