Marvel Revives X-Men Characters Ahead of Fox-Disney Merger!

It has been a rough decade for the X-Men in Marvel Comics. Systematically speaking, the comic giant declared war on our mutant heroes after Fox insisted on keeping their movie rights to the iconic team. First, 99% of the comics’ mutants were depowered, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver were made into enhanced humans, Terrigen Mists (the gas that created the Inhumans) invaded Earth killing more mutants, and finally Jean Grey, Professor X, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Cyclops were all killed!

Well it looks like Marvel is opting to resurrect a few of the X-Men–Wolverine, Professor X, and Jean Grey!

jean grey resurrection

The company hinted that many of the X-Men would make a return to the land of the fictionally living. Sources close to the Disney-Fox merger are reporting that not only is the merger taking place, but Marvel Comics knew of it well beforehand and opted to slowly return these key X-Men.

wolverine and space infinity stone x-men

Jean Grey’s return is most surprising, since she has been gone from the comics for nearly twelve years. In her place, a time displaced teen version of hers has been wandering around. Now the actual Jean is returning and fans could not be happier. Wolverine’s resurrection comes thanks to the Space Stone, one of the infamous Infinity Stones. Meanwhile, after a battle with the Shadow King on the Astral Plane, an X-Men ally, Fantomex, sacrifices himself to return the Professor to the physical world.

professor x resurrection fantomex x-men

There is no word on Cyclops or Nightcrawler’s resurrection, but we are sure the X-Men’s fearless leader will return soon to atone for his madness these last few years, and what would the X-Men be without their fuzzy blue elf! We are just glad this war on the X-Men is stopping. Maybe this means we will finally get some new X-Men cartoons, video games, and merchandise. Marvel make it happen!

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