Marvel’s Answer to “Suicide Squad?” Meet Your Astonishing Avengers!

When it comes to saving the world some times the best person for the job is not a hero–but a villain! That is the new twist Marvel Comics is dishing out as its latest line up of Avengers are some of the greatest super villains in the Marvel Universe! Apparently, Captain America’s archenemy, The Red Skull (in the story line, “World War Hate”) has decided to spread his message of hate to mutantkind. He plans to use the vast telepathic powers of the X-Men’s founder, Professor X (Charles Xavier) to reform the entity, Onslaught (an amalgamation of Magneto and Professor X) to obliterate mutants and enslave the world.

Red Skull takes Professor X's brain
Red Skull takes Professor X’s brain

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Sure, the X-Men and Avengers are trying to fight him tooth and nail to keep the world in one piece, but when “Stark Sentinels,” robots designed by Tony Stark AKA “Iron Man,” to take down superheroes in general come into play, their plans fall to Hell in a handbag. Magneto, who in recent years, has been a member of The X-Men; assembles “The Astonishing Avengers:”  Dr. Doom, Loki, Amora The Enchantress, Hobgoblin, Deadpool, Jack O’ Lantern, Mystique, Carnage, and Sabretooth to take down the machines and rescue the heroes. This in turn allows a spell to be cast to giving Professor X control of his mind again. However, the spell also alters the personalities of everyone involved. The heroes become villainous, and the villains in turn leave heroic. It’s a new world and the soldiers of good, just got a bad ass face lift!

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Needless to say this is a lot. Marvel has definitely changed their universe in the comics a lot in recent years. In just the last year both Wolverine and The Fantastic Four are no more, there are two teams of X-Men, the Avengers and X-Men went to war with each other, Thor no longer has Mjolnir (his hammer), Dr. Octopus was Spider-Man for awhile, Professor X was murdered by Cyclops, there’s a female Thor, and Falcon is now Captain America! This twist with The Avengers is interesting, however. Whereas, we have seen Magneto be both a hero and villain the other characters have only faked heroism when it served their nefarious purposes. Still others, like Carnage and Jack O’Lantern have NEVER been good. Does serial killing ring a bell?


Rumor has it Marvel may make a cinematic version of this Avengers team as an answer to DC Comics/Warner Bros.’ “Suicide Squad!” I have to admit Marvel has a better line up of villains, but I wonder how it would play into their overall phases for their cinematic universe? Time will tell!

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