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Marvel’s Deadpool is a DEAD ASS HIT!

Marvel’s Deadpool is a DEAD ASS HIT!

WE LOVE SUPERHEROES! Whether they fly, have super strength, can read minds, or simply have a vendetta in a Batsuit; superheroes are here to stay. The latest “hero” to hit the screen is clad in red and black spandex and armed with more guns than an army platoon–Deadpool! Deadpool, the “Merc with a Mouth” is gifted/cursed with a healing factor that outmatches The X-Men’s Wolverine, but has hideously scarred him.

deadpool and ajax hey mikey atl

Deadpool is Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds), a former bad guy who was good at taking out “badder” bad guys. He enjoys his life, his booze, and even his career path until he meets his match and “match mad in Hell” in bar maven, Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin). Their unconventional romance comes to a halt when he learns he has cancer and desperately accepts the offer a stranger to cure him and grants him super powers–after extensive torture! Deadpool emerges hellbent on punishing his tormentor, Dr. Francis, AKA, “Ajax,” (Ed Skrein) also a superhuman, but gifted with enhanced reflexes, strength, and a high tolerance to pain. It is a battle of the baddies–with the appearance of a well known X-Man, Colossus, and his trainee, Negasonic Teenage Warhead (mouthful)!

deadpool colossus negasonic teenage warhead hey mikey atl

Deadpool is the first official blockbuster and superhero film of 2016. The chaos, fight scenes, and the humor above all else makes this one of the best movies of all time! This film definitely deserves a sequel! Be sure you stick around for a scene after the credits! Check out the trailer below and in theaters everywhere today!


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