Being Mary Jane- “Blindsided”

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MJ reveals to her father why she changed her name, to not tarnish The Patterson name. Lisa wheels Neicey in with her new baby in tow. She names her Isabel and looks on as Dante holds her for the first time. The family takes turn holding the baby. Later, in bed, MJ reveals to Lisa she feels bad being at the center of Terrance’s death. She also tells her about David has called to check in on her and thanks Lisa for taking care of her niece and grandniece. Helen and Deja play around with her Life Alert necklace to send PJ and Patrick running.  She and Deja playfully scoot down the stairs to dinner.

MJ’s show returns to the air. After interviewing a filmmaker, she goes off script and apologizes for part in Terrance’s death. She expresses her guilt and admonishes society for its indifference towards the prison system and its victims. Kara praises her for her courage, so does the staff. Later, David stops by to check on her and ask her a question. He inquires about her stealing his sperm.

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