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Being Mary Jane- “People In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Fish”

Being Mary Jane- “People In Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Fish”

Being Mary Jane returns for a second season with Mary Jane (MJ) still reeling from losing David to another woman. She returns to her home and tries to calm herself down and even begins to feed her goldfish. She suddenly loses it and throws the fish tank, with the goldfish in it, through her window, shattering it! Flash forward, MJ hosts a dinner party/book club meeting at her home with a few close friends. They not only discuss the book, but the pitfalls of modern African-American life and success. They all seem to be having a good time drinking, smoking, and conversing even when Paul, Jr. (PJ) shows up to join in. He leads the conversation on about how America has lost its frontier and the disenfranchised are now taking over what remains of The American Pie–the legalization of marijuana. MJ not only begs to differ, but berates and mocks him for his outlook and current living situation with their parents. He, in turn, mocks her about David rejecting her and leaves for the night.



Her friend, Valerie, likens the situation going on to a mother duck abandoning one duckling to save all her others. MJ, now drunk, berates her for being always centering her responses on being a mother and wife, then mocks her about being on a short leash from her husband. She tells the couple she should drop them now that she and David are no longer together. Later, Lisa holds her head over the toilet as she vomits. She sleeps through the night, but has a hangover the next day, vomiting just outside her patio door. She spends the rest of the day sleeping the alcohol off. At work, Cara suggests they tap into the tech world to up their male viewership. MJ, however, is too distracted wondering why David chose another woman over here. Cara tries to get her to keep everything in perspective. MJ continues to unravel and stalks David online. She meets with Valerie to apologize, but uses the opportunity to get info on David’s relationship instead.

"David" portrayed by Stephen Bishop
“David” portrayed by Stephen Bishop

At The Pattersons’ home, Neicey and Helen face off over her lack of ambition. The former decides it is time for her to leave. MJ allows her and her children to stay with her. The aunt and niece dish over how overbearing Helen can be. When Niecey falls asleep MJ watches her newborn daughter, Isabel. She accidentally butt dials David while singing to the child. Cara pitches a story to MJ about her freezing her eggs, to which she surprisingly agrees. At work, while doing her show she receives an alert about David selling his software company for twelve million dollars. She begins to feel as if she is going to have a nervous breakdown. She later goes to see Valerie at her home and tries to get more information about David and his girlfriend out of them. Valerie’s husband, tiring of her madness, calls David to give her closure. He tells MJ about his unborn baby.


MJ returns to her home to find Patrick trying to reason with Neicey about Helen and to move back home. She refuses. Their fighting and her own stress, prompts MJ to get a room at Loewe’s Hotel. There, she invites David over who attempts to give her the closure she needs. It is revealed the former couple once aborted a pregnancy when neither of them felt they were ready to be parents. MJ feels like she is being punished and his baby should be theirs. He tries to comfort her and they almost have sex, but she stops. He holds her until she falls asleep, she awakes to find a note telling her he is sorry.




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