Being Mary Jane- “Uber Love”

The final episode of this season, jumped straight to the drama picking up where the last one left off. David demands to know if she stole his sperm. He checks her frezer until she reveals it is hidden in the baking soda. She demands to know who told him, and he demands to know if she’s pregnant. He tries to force her to take a test. She jokingly pours him a glass of wine. She puts him at ease telling him she froze the sperm wrong and could not use it. He calls her crazy, forcing them to stroll down memory lane. She begins to take the pregnancy test until he decides against it. She races out of her home and chases him down in her car. she reveals it is he she truly loves. She wants to stop playing games and spend their lives together. More of their past is revealed, resulting in David ultimately leaving her roadside. The next morning MJ confronts Kara about telling David about the sperm. She denies culpability as they both try to figure out who in their circle would have told.

MJ angrily confronts Nichelle, believing she told David about the sperm. She admonishes her for being a lackluster friend, resulting in MJ firing her. Back at her home she tells Lisa of Nichelle’s supposed betrayal. Lisa reaches for the tequila and pours both of them shots. She then reveals she is the one who exposed her.  She says she let it slip when she was telling him to stay away from her. They get drunk and talk more about it, finishing the bottle of tequila off. MJ drunk calls Nichelle numerous times trying to figure out how to apologize. She begins to ramble and digs herself deeper into a hole. Later, they drive to David’s house. She finds him in the middle of a dinner party. Hif girlfriends warns her this will not end well for her. She makes fun of biracial ethnicity and watercress sandwiches. In a drunken stupor she tries to win him back over. She digs herself deeper into a hole, accidentally revealing she was sleeping with Andre.

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