Being Mary Jane- “Uber Love”

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He pulls out a wad of cash and offers to pay her back. He reveals he has always had money, but did not want to live off his parents’ money so he was trying to “make move.” She ask him would he have married her if she had waited. He refuses to answer, not wanting to live in the past. She insults him and his girlfriend further before furiously running from his home. When she returns to the car Lisa informs her she has to leave to deliver twins, but has been faking being drunk the entire time. Kara finally arrives at Lisa’s behest after two naps. She begins to reveal her affair to the latter. Kara admonishes her for having an affair and tells her she needs to apologize to Avery. They search her home for some of Andre’s mail, hoping to find out where he lives.

Kara and MJ show up at Andre’s home. Avery spots them and accuses her of being a crazy stalker. she allows them to come in, there she apologizes to her everything she has done to mess up her marriage. Kara admonishes MJ for her role in the demise of their relationship, but informs she can learn something from “the other woman.” In another drunken stupor she tries to give her tips about how to please Andre and make him feel special. She demands they leave. They drop Kara home, afterwards the driver inspires MJ when he tells her the universe knows her desires and as long as she stay tuned into what she wants it will happen. Lisa returns to MJ’s home, they argue about her wanting to be inseminated by David’s sperm. Lisa reluctantly agrees to but but MJ stops her at the last minute, realizing that is not how she wants to conceive a child. Later we see Avery accepts Andre back, elsewhere MJ returns David’s sperm, kisses him, and wishes him a good life. Later, we see his girlfriend is reading a book on pregnancy.

“Being Mary Jane” has been renewed for a second season and will return at an as of yet undetermined date to BET! For more “Being Mary Jane” episode recaps check out


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