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Masika’s legacy: Khari Barbie Beauty

Masika’s legacy: Khari Barbie Beauty

Photo: Black Celebrity Kids, Khari Barbie

Welcome baby Khari Barbie to the world, but not only her. Let’s welcome her designer line of luxury cosmetics Khari Barbie Beauty. After a full pregnancy of research and development and 500 samples later, Khari Barbie Beauty is born. An all vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and paraben-free cosmetic line of perfect formulas, and colors created here in the United States. Offering celebrity looks at an affordable price point for everyone to enjoy no matter their gender orientation, race, or religion.


“It was an intense process, but it was fun to do throughout my pregnancy. I knew [although] I was about to have a baby, [KBB] was my baby too. As my baby [Khari] is growing and I’m growing [KBB and a legacy] for her”.


Masika Kalysha

Masika Kalysha, the mother to Khari Barbie, is a jack of all trades as she juggles motherhood, a new business venture, music and of course her star role on VH1’s hit reality series, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood.


As Khari Barbie was born,

“I flipped an invisible switch where I keep [my work life] completely separate. When I’m in mommy mode that’s just what it is. When I clock out and go home, I leave all the drama on the set.  I want to keep Khari away from the drama and blogs. [To ensure] that she has a happy normal life”.


During the creation of Khari Barbie Beauty, Masika’s will of motherhood came to life; a brand that represents her love for her daughter and passion for a brand that helps individuals feel and look their best. Masika found a way she could balance motherhood into her extended career, with Khari Barbie now playing the lead role in her life. Khari Barbie Beauty is more than a cosmetic line, but a legacy with goals of worldwide expansion. “I really wanted to find something she could have as her own company one day. And not have to work for anyone else”, said Masika. Focusing solely on building an empire that she can pass the reins onto her daughter, in hopes to instill work ethic and independence. Not only by creating her own business in partnership with her toddler, Masika is teaching Khari integrity, honesty, and that hard work does pay off. Investing in an industry that she was passionate about, and have individuals feel amazing and beautiful with every product they use.


“I had to figure everything out by myself”.

When speaking to Masika she told me of her hardships in Detroit. An 18-year old girl making a way for herself; attending school, and working three jobs. We are taught “you go to school, graduate from college, get a good job, get married and move out of your parent’s house”.


“I never want my [children] to compromise or make any [hasty] decisions for survival. I [want to] teach them how to be good citizens and adults, but still how to work hard [for your dreams]”.


“[I wanted this legacy to be] something I [am] be proud of, and that I know wouldn’t harm anybody or [my newborn]”.

When buying cosmetics, we consider what they do for us. But, forget to ask ourselves what it took to get here. Animal cruelty has been a recurring factor in the beauty industry. “ I definitely didn’t want any animal testing. It can be hypocritical if I have products that [are] derived from animals”. More and more beauty lines are being released, but “I think the main thing that sets KBB apart is the ingredients, of course”. Like any other beauty enthusiast, Masika didn’t know what ingredients went into her daily products, until she started her research. “I didn’t know that a lot of lipstick uses whale blubber, and pig hooves in certain products. Why are we doing this? If we say ‘No animals were tested’, we [should stand by that]. I waddled in and out of a bunch of meetings and different labs”, spending time with researchers to find a product of high quality and designer taste. But, to ensure it is environmentally friendly and safe for any skin type.

Ohhh 3x Cover

“The success is figuring out how to balance. I’ve had a lot of success with KBB, but I can’t say it would be successful without the other platforms”. Each industry [from Mompreneur to She.E.O] has helped the other one. “I think the success comes from knowing your audience/ fan base, being relatable, and serving the people. Because at the end of the day that’s what we are doing”.


“KBB is a full beauty cosmetic world”.

Introduced Winter of 2016, KBB offers Matte Liquid Lipsticks, Rich Luxe Lipsticks, a Luxurious Moisturizing Exfoliating Lip Scrub, Vitamin E stick and coordinating Lip Pencils. With colors ranging from trendy nudes to perfect pinks and deep, luxurious reds. “Everyone is doing the liquid lips now, but what I like about mine is even though it covers it doesn’t dry out your lips. Most cosmetics cover up, but [KBB] products heal and make it [easier] for your makeup to go on smoother”. The Moisturizing Exfoliating Lip Scrub will bring you to heaven in its lipstick tube. Along with the cosmetic products, KBB offers care products. All organic oils blended together for hair growth, moisturizing, maintenance, split ends, etc. “I use it on my daughter, myself and pretty much the whole family”.  


KBB’s future is bright, by offering a full makeup line with foundation, eyeliner, highlighters, etc. Masika is currently focused on integrating finishing products to the beauty line. “[The next product to be released] will be the glow kit, which is absolutely amazing. [Following that will be] a great face illuminator, which I live for. You can literally wash your face throw it on without makeup and your skin will look flawless. We are [currently] testing glow kits and foundations. To ensure no harmful chemicals or crazy oils are included. But, that there’s a wide range so everyone is [represented]”.





“It’s important to me to have colors that appeal to every skin tone. I want to make sure I [cater to] everybody’s skin tone”.

I’m really passionate about this, and I am proud [to leave this legacy to] my daughter”, said Masika. 


View more at Khari Barbie Beauty website.

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