Matthew ‘Messy’ Knowles: Paternity Saga

Almost everyone in the world is privy to the Matthew Knowles ‘Baby Mama Drama’ scandal. First it started with Alexsandra Wright, and Her son Nixon. Wright was vindicated when paternity proved that Matthew Knowles was indeed her son’s father, and he was order to pay her a nice hunk of change in child support.

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Move over Ms. Wright, there’s a new ‘baby mama’ in town, and she wants a slice of the Knowles cake too. 30 year old, TeQoya Branscomb has filed legal documents requesting a DNA test, child support, and attorney fee compensation. She is claiming Knowles fathered her 4-year-old daughter just after his divorce from his ex-wife Tina Knowles.

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This is where things get REALLY messy; Branscomb was allegedly friends with Solange! According to sources Matthew knew about the friendship between TeQoya and his daughter. The two allegedly met in 2008 through a stylist, and hung out together on the scene in Houston. Without a doubt Solange was in the dark about the affair, otherwise we would have probably seen some rendition of the infamous elevator footage already.

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If these facts are indeed true, Mr. Knowles is just trifling. While Beyoncé is working like and indentured child slave to uphold the majesty of the Knowles name, her daddy is out here slanging and swanging. Given the very public issues the Knowles-Carter family has been dealing with lately, their mystic has begun to wear thin. King Bey has a ratchet family just like the rest of us! We can all rest a little easier at night knowing that if Beyoncé can get through a scandal, then so can we.

Danielle Elaine

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