Maya Angelou Has Passed

Written By: Tiara Harper

A monumental figure in African American history passed today. Maya Angelou was found unresponsive in her home around 8:30am Wednesday morning. She had been suffering health complications and recently cancelled her appearance to be honored at the Major League Baseball Beacon Awards.


Maya Angelou, real name, Marguerite Annie, has lived an adventurous, remarkable and full life, living in many different places across the world such as Arkansas, touring in Europe and living and learning in hana. Through her travels, she learned to speak French, Spanish, Italian, and it doesn’t end there! She was a genius, earning 50 degrees worldwide! She has acted in Broadway shows that were influenced by the civil rights movement, and she has written several ground breaking poems and autobiographies. “I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings” was her first book that turned her into a national figure for the black community.


Angelou was an inspiration to so many, especially in the African American community. Up until her final days, Angelou has continued to spread words of wisdom and encouragement for the black community and women everywhere. She has left a bold mark in the world. Angelou’s legacy will continue to live on through her poems, the story of her life, and through the people she has inspired.