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Meatloaf Scalesa, More Than Your Average Biker!

Meatloaf Scalesa, More Than Your Average Biker!

Meatloaf Scalesa is a proud father, owner of Rockboy Choppers Inc., CEO of El Domolieks Upscale Grooming, Creative Director of Rockboy Lifestyles Clothing Company, and the creator and star of the Rockboy Empire web series. As if that’s not enough to keep him busy, he’s a philanthropist, constantly giving back to his community, and a role model to people of all ages.

The Modern Day Biker
Meatloaf showing off his personal style and bike.

Meatloaf was born with the “Empire State of mind”, the special fire and desire for success that all moguls hailing from New York have. Coming from humble beginnings in Brooklyn, he recalls waiting in line with his mother to get food stamps, and from that moment he was determined to have a better life for himself and his loved ones.


It was in 2001 when he and his crew of stylish bikers stepped on the club scene, drawing attention everywhere they went. With the constant question being, “Where are ya’ll from?”, on-lookers would imply that the group of black men, on custom Harley Davidson’s, wearing designer duds, had to be from Los Angeles, certainly not Brooklyn.


“I was always on my rock star attire, that was just me. They started calling us black rockstars. I tried to incorporate the name, like ‘Rockstar Choppers’, I couldn’t do it, because at the time Rockstar games had control of everything dealing with ‘rockstar’. Then ‘Rockboy’ came up…and I ran with it. It sky-rocketed after that.”


The “Rockboy” turned his hobby of building bikes and being fashion forward, into a career move when he saw the mainstream reaction. He was able to open in 2003 Rockboy Choppers, which has made him a well-known name in the New York area.

Cancer Ride
Meatloaf Scalesa making an appearance during Cancer Ride

“I didn’t want to be the same average black biker with leather vests. I just tweaked it. I put my own twist to it, and it took off.”


He recalls having several run-ins with supermodel, Tyson Beckford over the years, which motivated him to keep persevering, saying, “At the time, he had a West Coast Chopper, and I pulled over and starting talking to him and I remember saying, “I’m getting one of these!’ To this day, we see each other at events and he’ll say, ‘Yo, Meatloaf, you really took off with this motorcycle thing!’ “


With that type of momentum going, he knew he had to turn the Rockboy brand, into a movement and what better way, than opening a barbershop, the heart of the urban community. He purchased the exact barbershop that he grew up working in, a true full-circle moment for the young entrepreneur. He remembers starting with just one chair and having a faithful customer who would come in every week and give him $100, and tell him to “Get up.” Those moments constantly recharged the “battery in his back” and lead him to grow his once one-chair shop into El Domoliek’s Upscale Grooming where you can find pieces of the Rockboy Clothing Company inside.


After years, full of triumphs and let downs, hardships, and heartaches, he had the perfect content to create Rockboy Empire, a successful web series that won him “Best Actor in a Leading Role” at the Urban Web Series Awards.

Meatloaf Scalesa Logo

“I just try to collaborate everything that I went through. Personal experiences, in my show, and I guess that’s why my show is so real.”


With the series, currently in its third season, it’s garnered over 500,000 views and counting and Meatloaf is extremely proud of the growing success. He even has hopes of reaching higher heights.

Scalesa Jacuzzi
Meatloaf Scalesa dressed to kill in a Jacuzzi

“I’m trying to go to Hollywood with it. I’m trying to go mainstream, movies, whichever way…Let’s go at it. Personally, I’m trying to take it somewhere else because there are so many web series out, I’m trying to turn my show into a play.”


While juggling his different projects, Meatloaf makes it a point to give back to the community, doing various book bag and toy drives for the youth and feeding the hungry. “I’m the superhero of the neighborhood, I give back. I give back when I don’t even have it. You have to do that. That’s a part of life.”


At the age of 48, Rockboy Meatloaf Scalesa is not stopping until he’s a household name and dominating all major lanes. You can stay up to date with all of Meatloaf’s major moves on social media outlets Twitter @meatloafrockboy, Instagram @meatloaf, and Facebook Meatloaf Scalesa.


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Written By: Brandon Refour


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