Meek Mill Facing Lawsuit Over House Party

Looks like Meek Mill is on the law’s radar again. But luckily, it doesn’t seem like jail will be the outcome of it. Meek Mill is facing a lawsuit for an unauthorized house party during Grammy weekend.


Our friendly career-killers (or enhancers depending on how you look at it), TMZ reported that over the Grammy weekend, Meek Mill and his crew rented out a mansion in Beverly Hills, CA and threw a big mansion party. Rumors are he had nearly a thousand people attend his shindig. Unfortunately, after an epic house party, he is facing a lawsuit from the landlord for breaking the anti-party policy that was in place for the property.

According TMZ, the premises basically looked like a scene out of the movie “Project X”. There are a number of photos showing scuffs on the walls, broken glass in the pool, the gate hanging on its hinges, and massive amounts of garbage bags. Reports say the only thing the killed the party was that a fight broke out which led to police being called and shutting down the massive celebration.

The landlord is suing the Philly rapper for the damages and the, nearly, thousands of people who trespassed on their property. And if they have photo evidence of the damages, Meek could be taking a hefty “L”.

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