Meet Hendricks Musics Newest Singing Sensation


Meet Hendricks Musics Newest Singing Sensation. Kontrol had the pleasure of sitting down with Hendricks at her latest photo shoot with Photographer Blair DeVereaux.  Check out what she had to say below.

KM: When did you first begin you passion to sing?

  • High school, after participating in numerous talent shows and singing in the choir.

KM: Who inspires you the most?

  • My mom and my sister are the only two people who keep me going; I’m doing this all for them.

KM: Who’s your biggest support system?

  • My family, they have always been in my corner, from every show and with encouraging words. They believe in me when I sometimes don’t believe in myself.

KM: How is your creative process?

  • It’s pretty random, ideas just come to me, I could be driving or dreaming etc.

KM:  Where do you draw inspiration from to profuse your musical sound?

  • I draw inspiration from those who have come before me. Artist such as, Chaka Khan, Anita Baker, Whitney Houston and Boyz II Men.

KM: How did set yourself apart from other musical acts?

  • I’m honest, I sing from my heart. I just try to be myself and give my audience music they can feel.

KM: What’s your wildest dream you’ve set to accomplish?

  • To have my name in lights with the greats, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce.

KM: Name your most fearful moment you had to overcome?

  • My most fearful moment is losing a parent. I recently lost my father, its hard but it gets better each day.

KM: Who are you musically compared to?

  • I have honestly never been compared to anyone musically. My style and voice are truly unique.

KM: If you had to choose Michael or Prince?

  • Tough one, will have to go with Prince. His talent seems endless and I would love to learn from him.

KM: Was it difficult to make the decision to follow your dreams? If so what was the hardest part?

  • At times it was, nothing worth having is easy, life itself is the hardest part. We live in a world where society tries to dictate what choices are best. I believe that when you follow your heart and ignore the negative, you’ll succeed.

KM: Being that music is in a revolutionary state in sales, how do plan to sell or market your music differently?

  • My plan is to make quality music. Due to the internet, music has become harder to sell. But I believe that by using the internet, radio and all other media outlets as well as creating a quality product, my music will be  something they would want to buy.


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