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Meet Kontrol’s Newest ICandy Alvester Martin ( @alwaysalvester)

Meet Kontrol’s Newest ICandy Alvester Martin ( @alwaysalvester)

I had the pleasure and luxury of chatting with Kontrol’s ICandy Alvester Martin. Who is Alvester Martin? Alvester is a burgeoning musical artist from Dade County, FL that is classically trained in ballet and a former background dancer for the likes of Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Rihanna. He has always had a love for the arts since a young age and was influenced by the great, late Michael Jackson. Alvester labels himself as a rebel, here to prove people wrong. Before coming to The Other Side of the stage, Alvester moved to L.A. to sing but ended up auditioning for a spot as Beyoncé’s background dancer and the rest is as they say is history.

K: How was it working with Mariah, Beyoncé, and Jennifer?

A: It was a great learning experience. I didn’t think this is was what I’d be doing. I was thrown into it, never did hip hop before so I was soaking up things like a sponge. I looked up to them as mentors…it was like taking a college course. I had the best teachers. Beyoncé knew everything about her brand…from the lighting to the stage show to the business. I wanted to be an artist and I had the best teachers in front of me.

K: How did you get the lead vocalist role for the Michael Jackson tour?

A: I made the decision to focus on the music and end dancing, A friend told me that there was an audition for the tour and I went on a whim. I snag two MJ songs; hadn’t heard anything and a month later got the call asking if I wanted to be a part of the tour. Because of my background in dancing, that’s how I got the lead…, this wasn’t an imitation but more of homage to Michael. There was choreography involved; I opened/closed the show.

K: Your EP The Other Side is being released this month, what can fans expect from it?

A: The Other Side is about changing career paths, the other side of the stage and mainly the other side of a serious relationship. No one really knows a man’s thoughts when they come out of a serious relationship and how they feel.

K: Who or what type of genre is your music compared to?

A: The feedback that I’ve been getting is Bruno Mars, Justin, Usher…these would be the people you would hear me behind in rotation on the radio. I’m influenced by an eclectic group of artists. Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Guns and Roses, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye.  My favorite R&B artist is Brian McKnight. I’m also influenced by a British artist named Emeli Sande.

K: What are your thoughts about the music industry?

A: Everyone is focused on a hit. What is a hit? When you concentrate on making a hit, that’s when you decline. When you focus on the body of work, the totality of it that’s when you have artists like Adele, Justin, Beyoncé last; all the people that impact music in a great way. As an artist, if you really have something to say, it may be harder to get it across but if you stay true to yourself it’ll work out in the end.

K: Any advice from your former bosses?

A: The best advice I received from Beyoncé is to be involved. Be involved in every aspect in what you’re doing. Have a full understanding and scope of everything that is going on with building your brand… Educate yourself on the business side.  Mariah emphasized to make it about the music….simple, but it’s the music that speaks for itself. If the music is great everything else will fall into place.

What are some of Alvester’s favorite things?

Favorite Cologne: Marc Jacobs…mellow scents

Favorite Dish: Sweet Potato Pie

Favorite Book: The Alchemist

Favorite Movie: The Notebook…he’s a hopeless romantic

LADIES!!! Are you paying attention? LOL Why the cutie that is Alvester won’t comment on his private life, you may have chance if you can make a sweet potato pie better than his grandmother. (He didn’t say this, I did  🙂 )  In his downtime he likes to spend time with his family be it Miami or Atlanta.

You can follow Alvester on:

Twitter @alwaysalvester

Instagram: Alwaysalvester

Facebook: Alvester Martin

Checkout his music here



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