Meet Your New Joker & Harley Quinn! DC’s Villainous Couple coming to The Big Screen soon!

After Heath Ledger’s riveting and scary portrayal of The Joker film projects have been apprehensive about returning the character to The Big Screen. All that seems to be changing now that a new DC Comics film is in the works focusing on “The Suicide Squad,” a team of super villains sponsored by The U.S. Government to go on missions that are basically “suicide” as time served for their crimes. One of the members of the team is none other than Joker’s girlfriend, “The Clown Princess” herself, Harley Quinn. As you may, or may not know, Harley debuted on the nineties’ “Batman The Animated Series.” There, she was Joker’s personal psychiatrist, but instead of trying to treat the mad man she inadvertently fell in love with him. Since then the two have had an on again, off again relationship, marked with highs that include Harley being launched from a cannon and she in turn nearly killing him. Yep, they are the pinnacle of psychotic love tempered with extreme domestic violence!


The actors they have tapped to play these amazing villains show DC is truly ready to stand up to Marvel, laying the groundwork for a pretty stellar cinematic universe. Oscar Award-winner, Jared Leto is rumored to be The Joker. He is a master actor whose flare for the dramatic will do “The Clown Prince of Crime” justice. He will definitely have to shed those luscious locks for a new green doo, however! Harley Quinn’s portrayal will come from none other than Margot Robbie. Margot is beautiful, talented, and she greatly resembles DC’s latest incarnation of the character. She is no stranger to crazy roles so this should be right up her alley. This marks Harley’s debut in film, but it is absolutely necessary to show these two together. You get to see just how cunning and manipulative Joker really is; and how truly psychotic and deadly Harley is. A match made in Hell right? The Suicide Squad is slated for release in 2016, the same year as the highly anticipated film, “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice!”


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