This year influencers have been delightful with the powerful women of color that dominated the social world of makeup. Kontrolbeauty has made a list of their favorite ladies this year…

Top beauty gurus of 2016…

Jackie Aina – Jackie Aina is a beauty influencer with over with over 900,000 subscribers. She has been in the game for a while but she has topped this year with new trends, makeup looks, and positive vibes. 

Jackie Aina beauty guru on Youtube
Jackie Aina beauty guru

Ellarie – Ellarie is an amazing makeup artist that took her social media by storm this year. With collaborations with colourpop beauty brand and more. Ellarie has over 1 million followers on Instagram.

Ellarie Makeup Artist and Influencer
Ellarie Makeup Artist

Teaire Walker – Teaire is a Charlotte-based beauty influencer. Sharing her tips with hair, beauty, and lifestyle for her 300,000 followers.

Teaire Walker Beauty Influencer on Youtube
Teaire Walker Beauty Influencer on Youtube

Alissa Ashley – Twin and beauty guru Alissa Ashley is known for her flawless makeup finishes and beauty tips she gives the world. The 21 year old influencers has peaked on youtube with over 450,000 subscribers.

Alissa Ashley Beauty Influencer on Youtube
Alissa Ashley Beauty Influencer on Youtube

Toni Olaoye – It all started with one flawless makeup for darkskin that blew this beauty up. Toni is a self-taught makeup artist that took over youtube in less than a year with 200,000 subscribers.

Toni Olaoye Beauty Influencer on Youtube
Toni Olaoye Beauty Influencer on Youtube

Cydnee Black – Known for her gorgeous blue eyes, Cydnee is a LA makeup artist that helps women of color get flawless natural looks. This guru has grossed over 500,000 subscribers in less than a year.

Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer on Youtube
Makeup Artist and Beauty Influencer on Youtube

These ladies are nothing less than what we call perfection! By understanding who you are and what you can do when you love yourself. Women of color are still underrepresented in history, media and the cosmetic industry. We appreciate the efforts of this unique beauty! KontrolBeauty wants to remind you KONTROL YOUR BEAUTY!

written by @leahgordone

Leah Gordone

Executive Beauty Director

Leah Gordone is an published writer and full-time content contributor to YouTube and Kontrol Magazine. She has been known for her beauty videos, college vlogs and crazy storytime videos on YouTube. Not only is she a rising star in the cyber world but she is also an educator. Gordone has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Speech and upon completion of a Master's in Education in School Counseling. Instagram/Twitter/YouTube @leahgordone

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