MELANIN MONDAY’S Khoudia Diop the Melanin Goddess!

Khoudia Diop, this internet sensation has graced the nation with her gorgeous look! The Senegalese model has now been featured in two major projects the “The Colored Girl Project” and “Make Up For Ever” campaign.

Khoudia Diop the model
Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop is referred to as “the Melanin Goddess!”

Diop stated she used to get teased as a child for her dark skin tone. However, moving to Paris where everyone loved her look changed her perspective about herself.

Khoudia Diop photoshoot
Khoudia Diop

Well, how did this model get famous?

In 2016, she moved to New York City for college and was featured in a campaign for The Colored Girl Project, which led to her becoming popular on Instagram. Fast forward to now, in 2017 she appeared in an advertising campaign for French cosmetics brand Make Up For Ever.

The Colored Girl Project
The Colored Girl Project

Khoudia is redefining what beauty is!

Diop stated in her interview with NBCBLK,

“Self-love is not something that you get in one day or two days. It’s an ongoing process and I go through it every day. I really want to be an inspiration for young girls. I don’t want anybody to feel the way I felt when I was younger.”

Khoudia Diop Melanin
Khoudia Diop

Without a doubt, she is gorgeous and talented. This is the reason this top model is KontrolBeauty Melanin Monday crush! Like we always say…We embrace women of color to give them encouragement and to understand they are beautiful.

Khoudia Diop the model
Khoudia Diop

Khoudia Diop is nothing less than what we call perfection! By understanding who you are and what you can do when you love yourself. Women of color are still underrepresented in history, media, and the cosmetic industry. We appreciate the efforts of this unique beauty! KontrolBeauty wants to remind you KONTROL YOUR BEAUTY! 

Leah Gordone

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