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Attention Men Over 60: 2018 Styling Tips for the Seasoned Gentlemen

Attention Men Over 60: 2018 Styling Tips for the Seasoned Gentlemen

Men Over 60
Actor Harry Belafonte

Stepping forward into 2018, we’re going to lend a little love and care to all of those guys out there waiting for their AARP cards to arrive. Let’s talk about the distinctive group of 60 plus men. Though you may be endowed with a wealth of wisdom and experience, you might not be so knowledgeable when it comes to style; but that’s an easy fix.

There are a lot of well-dressed men over the age of 60, however, there are just many of these guys who need to get it together. We’re tired of seeing grandpa wearing Hawaiian shirts and corduroy pants. And just because you’re retired, doesn’t mean that you can get away with wearing the same sweatpants at home, in the streets, and on holidays. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered with a couple of tips to help go from “grandpa with the pants” to a well dressed, seasoned gentleman.

Don’t Do What the Young Men Do

It’s sometimes hard to figure out where to start when it comes to style. Especially, if you’re an older guy and all you see is a bunch of 20-30-year-olds wearing this and that. However, now that you’re a senior citizen, society expects more from you than they do from you’re young adult counterparts. That’s why it’s important not ignore these “whippersnappers” when it comes fashion advice. You can also stay off the fashion magazines and blogs.

When you were a child you did childish things, but when you became an adult you put those childish things aside. In fashion and style, that would be baggy and oversized clothing. It not only looks childish on older guys but foolish in general. Gentlemen of a certain age should be wearing fitted and tailored clothing, items that appropriately fit with their body type. Even in the 90s, it wasn’t acceptable to see grandpa sporting baggy jeans and it definitely wasn’t cool to be the 60-year-old wearing tall tees in the early 2000s.

Men Over 60
Actor Samuel L. Jackson

That brings us to trends. As someone who has survived for at least six decades, you should know better than anyone that trends come and go. Do not play into the trends, because they are not for you. Plus, trying to keep up with trends will simply take money out of your retirement fund or diminish you fixed-income situation. It’s just not worth it.

Also, it’s important to not go backward. We know that the temptation to break out your old tracksuit or bell bottom jeans is strong, but try to resist. Even though they were once trendy and will come back in style one day, please remember that you are no longer apart of the trends world. The only time you can pull out clothing from another decade is if you’re going to a decades or costume party. Otherwise, locate the nearest thrift store and drop those items off as soon as possible.

Know Your Style for Your Lifestyle

Men Over 60
Actor Joe Morton

It’s time to determine what’s your style and how to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Whether you’re a buttoned-up, suit and tie type of guy or a laid-back beach town resident, you’ll save a lot of time and money identifying your style from the start.

Let’s say you’re self-employed, and work from your Tampa, FL home. It would make absolutely no sense for you to go out a purchase a ton of suits. Having 3-5 suits for business meetings or an occasion conference is okay. You might even need to use one for a funeral or two, just say. The rest of your wardrobe should probably consist of casual wear that can double for business, especially since it might be too hot and humid to wear a suit all the time. Mr. Tampa would benefit most from purchasing a couple of button-downs, short-sleeved shirts with a collar, and plain t-shirts. He can match his new tops with plain blue jeans or neutral colored trousers. To complete the look, he should have 2-3 blazers that he can wear on occasion. All of these items can be mixed and matched to carry him from home to business meetings and keep him comfortable.

Just like Mr. Tampa has clothing to fit his lifestyle, a New York City real estate agent will have a different approach to his wardrobe. Mr. NYC might sell luxury properties but enjoys a laid-back lifestyle downtown. For him, the goal would be to balance his wardrobe so that he has clothing for work and for when’s he’s off. Different strokes for different folks, but the theme is having specific pieces for each side of his life and transitional pieces that can go in between.

If you’re a retired guy, a lot of clothing may seem pointless, but in 2018 retired doesn’t mean dead. You should still have an active life and clothing to match that lifestyle. For Mr. Retired, a lot of casual clothing and activewear will be key to his wardrobe. Yes he may have a couple of pairs of sweatpants, but he can also have activewear pants, trousers, jeans, casual button-downs, sweaters, t-shirts. For him, the goal is to have comfortable and functional clothing for his new life without a job.

Classics & Essentials

There are some things that every adult man should have in his closet, whether he’s 21 or 61. Not doubt a fitted suit is number one. A younger man might just have one black suit, but seasoned gentleman should have 3-5 suits in different colors. Blazers are key too because they do the same thing for older men that a leather jacket does for younger men. A good blazer can be taken from day to night, dressed up or down, and wore in any season.

Every guy should have neutral colored t-shirts and a couple of button-downs. Have sweaters and turtlenecks for when it gets colder. Jeans are also essential items. Stick with a simple wash, no holes or cuts. Also, have at least five pairs of trousers in neutral colors. For outerwear, invest in a leather jacket, an overcoat, and a lightweight jacket. Anything additional depends on your region and its weather.

Invest in quality shoes! Keep a pair of loafers and oxfords. For sneakers, find a comfortable pair of sneakers that fit your needs. If you have an affinity for sneakers, that’s okay too. However, try to stick to the no trends rule. It’s okay to be a sneakerhead and an “old-head” at the same time, but it’s not okay to use your social security to buy the latest Jordan’s.

Groom for Your Life

Men Over 60
Actor Billy Dee Williams

Whether you like it or not, you’re a senior citizen now. No one wants to see you walking around looking like you escaped from the worst senior citizen care home on earth. Keep your haircut and if you like facial hair, have it well manicured. Speaking of manicures, please get one and add in a pedicure. There’s nothing worse than an older guy with yellow or black nails. It just screams homeless or unattended. You still have to take care of yourself so look like you have somewhere to go.

Style Role Models

Men Over 60
TV Host/Author/Comedian Steve Harvey

If all else fails, do what these guys do. There are many older celebrities that have become similar to style icons for you guys to look up to. Take Steve Harvey for example, he’s the king of tailored suits and doesn’t mind giving pointers to his fellow men. There’s also Idris Elba for all of you active guys who still look like you’re in your 40s. Though he hasn’t crossed over the 50-yard-line yet, he still carries himself like an older gentleman who knows how to use his style to his advantage. And let’s not forget the infamous Irvin Randall aka “Mr. Steal Your Grandma.” This guy is the epitome of having impeccable style and living your best life as a man of a certain age.


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