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Why Men Should Start Using Eye Cream


Within the last couple of years, the average man has immensely improved on their daily maintenance routine. In the past, if a man showered, shampooed, shaved, and put on deodorant he was usually doing good. However, there’s a realization amongst the male species that they have to take things further by conditioning, moisturizing, and even exfoliating. A monthly manicure and pedicure wouldn’t hurt either. But, there’s one step that men still haven’t wrapped their heads around, and that’s eye cream.

Most of you guys out there are wondering, what do you need an eye cream for? And do you really have to add another product to your arsenal? The answer to those two questions is yes sir. While your skin is clean and smooth, your eyes are wrinkled, puffy, and have dark circles underneath that look like shadows. Not too mention there’s not amount of cleanliness or working out in the world to make up for the fact that your eyes look like you’ve been up all night for the past ten years.


As stated earlier, the purpose for eye cream is to primarily treat wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. It also helps with fine lines, skin texture, inflammation, and the overall aging process. Now, most people would think that the products they use on their rest of their body to stay clean and moisturized should suffice for their eyes. Those people would be wrong and the reason being is that the skin under the eyes is different from the rest of the face.

eyeFor one it’s thinner and more sensitive, making it more susceptible to signs of aging.  Also, there are less natural oil glands under your eyes than anywhere else on your body. Most areas will have at least a thousand glands, while your eyes only have a couple hundred. This means that your body cannot naturally moisturize that particular area of your body properly. At least not when you consider outside factors like fatigue and UV rays from sunlight which can also cause damage to the skin under your eyes.

Your next question might be, so what eye cream do I get? With any product that you use on your body, you want to consider the ingredients first. Retinol is a favorable ingredient because it’s a vitamin A topical cream that forces the skin to remove old and dead skin cells while regenerating new cells. You’d also want to have Vitamins C, E, and Co Q-10 because combines they fight off sun damage and reduce dark circles. They also smooth your skin and reverse signs of aging. And Ceramides and Hyaluronic help retain moisture and create a barrier so that the water that your skin cells need doesn’t leave.

eyeA few recommendations for eye creams include Tiege Hanley, Kiehl’s Eye Alert, Clinique. Tiege Hanley products are specifically designed for the average man. They have provided an AM/PM Eye Cream with natural ingredients. Essentially, their eye cream aims to protect from sun damage, strengthen the thin skin under your eyes, and retain moisture.  Kiehl’s Eye Alert primarily hydrates skin and prevents dark circles and puffiness. While Clinique for Men Anti-Age Eye Cream combats fine lines and wrinkles. If you don’t want to use any of these products the most natural way to help your eyes is to use caffeine. Though it won’t do everything that these products do, it can protect hydrate your skin and protect it from sun damage.


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