Men Mask Too

Men Mask Too

Yes, even men can wear masks for skincare!


Skincare is for everyone, men included. One of the great things about skincare is that everyone can find something that can fit their needs. There are just so many products out in the market place, it can be hard to find something to start with. A good place to start is masking. This step in the skincare routine can be used to help target a specific concern. After washing your face, just apply the mask of your choice and let the results wow you. Below are just some recommendations to help even the manly man have great skin.



One of the most common and cost effective mask is a sheet mask. They are available practically everywhere and are great for one-time use. The options for a mask can be one solid piece or 2 pieces, one for the upper face and lower face. Either way, they work the same. Just remove the mask from the package filled with serum and apply to face. All you have to do is sit back and relax for about 15 minutes and throw the mask away. Luckily, a lot of masks do not require a rinse after use.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry sheet maskCLAY/MUD

These masks may seem dirty, but they help get you clean. Usually, a mud mask will help with unclogging pores and all the gross stuff that is causing problems for your skin. Just apply the clay mask to clean skin and let it do it’s magic. Some recommend not letting the mask dry completely, which can be done by spraying facial mist on the mask. Once finished, wash off and move forward with your routine.

Men Mask Too


Similar to clay, gel masks also do wonders for the skin. Most can add hydration, which will give the skin a glorious glow. Apply the gel mask to clean skin and rinse off when the time is up. It’s even possible to keep some of the gel masks in a much cooler location so their application can be soothing.

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