Men’s Fall “Go Looks” From Fashion Week 2017

Fashion Week 2017 brought light to a lot of dope and innovative trends this season. Menswear was the highlight for it all, from the latest designer runway collections and of course the equally savvy streets. With the very stylish fashion week, patrons and models cross-mingling in the busy streets, new and dope trends were evident for this fashion season. Take a look at some of the trends we’ve picked up on down below.


A fitted, button-down shirt is always a winner. Light Blue was the scene for this season as it flatters damn near every skin tone. With a sea of classic silhouettes to choose from, designers this year really took note of the oncoming trend. Light denim shirts were also the preferred color of choice on the streets in Europe as well.

Fashion week 2017Milan Men's Spring 2017 Fashion Week.


Bomber jackets have definitely made a statement this past year alone with its resurgence. However, fashion week really took the trend to a new level, trading the dark tonal fabric for a more eccentric vivid look. Light-toned emeralds and hot pink were unexpectedly showcased in some of the hottest shows. However, for the guys who want to stick to a more conservative look, designers also incorporated the presently popular navy and black colorways as well.Fashion week 2017Fashion week 2017


Fashion week really took street style back to the beginning, incorporating the evocative style of the 70’s era. One of the most appealing and memorable trends is definitely the rich color palettes of that era. The rich Bordeaux and loose fitting button downs were also the rages, which all transcended not only on the runways but in the streets of fashion week as well.

Fashion week 2017Fashion week 2017


The Pajama trend was probably the most unexpected trend this season. Coinciding with the oversize fitted style which we all love, the loose fitted, very thin fabric trend made its way to fashion week in the form of dope baby blue plaid pieces. Highlighting another form of the 70’s era, the pajama trend is definitely one to look out for.

Fashion week 2017Fashion week 2017Fashion week 2017

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