Men’s Grooming: Ultimate Guide of Grooming for Wedding

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The big is not just for her to shine. You also need to rise to the occasion. Remember, wedding photos and memories last a lifetime. So, why not look your best in both attire and appearance?

Unlike women, men do not seem to have an idea of proper primping for an occasion as big as a wedding. With that in mind, we prepared the following grooming guide for husbands-to-be.

Impress with an excellent professional haircut

Emphasis on professional. A professional barber and stylist will know the perfect hairstyle to suit your face shape and hair texture.

That said, opt for a classic hairstyle. A trendy hairstyle might look good now. But, a few decades down the line you might look idiotic in your wedding photos.

Get that haircut at least a week before your wedding day. Even the professional barber makes a mistake from time to time. A week will allow your hair to grow enough to cover any imperfections in the haircut.

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Style your beard

If you are the clean-shave kind of guy, consider a hot towel shave at a barbershop. Applying a hot towel before a shave softens the skin and opens up pores allowing a smoother shave. A hot towel after moisturizes the skin, which helps reduce the chances of irritation. Get that clean shave the day of the wedding or the day before.

If you maintain a beard, make sure to style it well. Of course, the best option is to have your beard done by a barber. Still, if you are confident in your trimming skills, you could DIY.

Some people have the skill and the eye to maintain a line while shaving. You might not be one of them. If that is the case, you could benefit from a beard template. There are lots of beard templates with features convenient for all beard styles.

While still on the subject of hair, how are your nose hairs and eyebrows? Trim protruding nose hairs and tweeze eyebrow hairs that seem not to belong.

Perfect your smile

It is your wedding – everyone will be expecting you to smile. Plus, you want your wedding photos to show your pearly whites. So, it is a good idea to whiten your teeth for the perfect smile.

You can whiten them at home using whitening toothpaste, or whitening strips. But you need to start as early as six months before the day of the wedding as these whitening methods work slowly.

The more effective method is a visit to a dentist. Remember, you should already be visiting a dentist twice a year for checkups. A dentist will give your teeth a thorough clean, before whitening and polishing them.

Brighten up by getting a facial

Facial therapy is the ultimate remedy for dull and dry skin. A facial is particularly vital if you are struggling with blackheads and uneven skin tone. As a bonus, a facial will leave feeling fresh and relaxed.

If you regularly do facial, get one done a week before the wedding. If it is your first time, get it as early as three weeks to allow enough time to adjust in case of inflammation or irritation of the skin.

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Have some work done on your hands

Wedding equals a ring on your finger. So, your hands will become a target for the cameras. Now is the best time to get that manicure your significant other has been insisting since you started dating.

What exactly do manicurists do? They remove overgrown cuticles, trim hangnails, cut and round your nails, and buff the nail surface for a subtle shine. Also, they scrub your hands and forearms to remove dead skin. They finish by providing a relaxing hand massage, and you are good to go. So, yes, manicure does not involve painting of nails. As such, even after your wedding, you should get one from time to time.

Grooming for the perfect look on your wedding day is does not involve a lot. Just a few touches on your face, hair, beard, and hands.



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