Men's Swimwear Brand Brings The Heat At DC Swim Week '17

Men’s Swimwear Brand Brings The Heat At DC Swim Week ’17

DC Swim Week made waves this past July with some of the hottest swimwear looks this season has to offer. For its third year, DC hosted this event, featuring innovative and luxury designs from around the globe. This year’s fashion season offered attendees an exclusive yet tasteful look at swim wear designs from across the globe. One showcase imparticular not only made waves on the runway but on our Instagram timelines as well. Check out @eyegasmicbrand!

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EYEGASMIC SWIM is a California based menswear line tailored to showcase the world’s sexiest men.

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“Eyegasmic is a premium swimwear brand exclusively designed to be worn by the world’s sexiest men. At Eyegasmic, our mission is to define and capture all aspects ofEyegasmiclogo ID 871acd44 3f8a 4847 9453 aabae50d0367 sexy. We believe that sexy is more than just a cute smile or chiseled body, but being able to confidently stand in your own skin and embrace exactly who you are. We refuse to leave it up to the masses to shape our image of what sexy is, so we are here to define it!. Living in Los Angeles, known for its sunny year-around weather, beach escapades are a part of our daily routines. Swimwear is definitely an essential wardrobe piece for any man seeking to be noticed. After searching high & low for the perfect swimwear, we noticed that the swimwear market offered limited options. We weren’t completely satisfied with the options, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.”

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Eyegasmic Swim was one of the featured designers at DC Swim Week 2017. Get into all of this hotness and don’t forget to check out the swim wear as well lol. For more on this brand check them out via Instagram @eyegasmicbrand and on their website at

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