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Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New Logo

Its about time! The Milwaukee Bucks are revamping their franchise. They have added young faces, a new head coach, and now a new logo for the team.

The Bucks are going for a more fierce and intimidating look to represent their franchise. The buck on the logo now has a 12-pointer instead of an 8-pointer and a look on his face that will probably give the toddlers nightmares.

The colors have changed too. They have decided to swap out the red and white with “Great Lakes Blue” and “Cream City Cream.” The green remains the primary logo color. The Milwaukee Bucks organization tweeted out this from their Twitter account:


“The new Buck is only looking ahead, an imposing figure determined and focused on the path in front of him.”- @Bucks

They also provide the reasons for each color selected to represent the city and organization:


The logo looks pretty good to me. What do you guys think?

The Milwaukee Bucks are currently sitting at the no. 6 spot in the eastern conference and are slated to take on the Chicago Bulls in the first round when the playoffs begin in just a few days.

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