Mimi Faust Brags About Selling Out Shower Rods

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Mimi Faust has been the center of social media conversation this week. Many people have been questioning the reality star about her latest decision to release an adult film.

Although she has gone through a lot of scrutiny, she doesn’t seem to mind all the attention. When TMZ followed her and adult film co star/ fiancee Nikko Smith at the airport on Friday morning, she confessed to them about her influence in selling out shower rods at Home Depot.

Mimi laughs and giggles through out TMZ interview. When TMZ question if her tape would be successful as Kim Kardashian’s, Mimi said “she had no idea”

Nikko even chimed in during the interview to talk about their sex life.When the camera crew teased him about him and Faust doing some measuring in the tape, he admitted that it was very common for them to that.

The couple seem to be taking their new found fame very good. They did not once get upset with TMZ, and they even laughed with them. She probably was also happy about making $100,000 off of the tape.

I wonder if all that money, was worth her reputation being tarnished ?

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