Mimi Faust Slams Former BFF K. Michelle

co star’s comments over her sex tape. She is very clear about her not being too fond of K. Michelle.

“K.Michelle and I aren’t friends, Faust said. K. Michelle is a very messy girl and she likes attention to be on her.”
Mimi goes on in the interview, explain why she thinks her ex BFF is attention seeking.

“Whatever opportunity K.Michelle gets to have attention on her she takes it,grabs and runs with it , “she explained

Mimi is very annoyed with K. Michelle for speaking about her sex tape, because she feel like it wasn’t her place.

“K.Michelle has no idea what really happened, so for her to comment on something she knows nothing about again, is ignorant,”said Faust. “If K.Michelle would like to sit down and ask me so she can be clear, she is welcomed to do that. She has my number and she hasn’t done it yet.”

I understand that Ms. Faust is hurt by her former friend slamming her name, but when you put something like that out in the open, people are going to say something. Also why would K call you to talk about your sex tape , when everything is already out there . Honestly Mimi you should let go this anger towards K. Michelle.