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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problem?

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problem?


The argument is heating up as the question is asked, ”does Mo’nique deserve Mo’ money?” She asked the public to boycott Netflix after receiving a $500,000 offer for a special. Mo’nique claims this was both racial and gender bias. That was based on offers made to fellow comedians Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, and Amy Schumer.

In the beginning, I felt Mo’Nique should have handled it differently. Take the offer, and you can ask for more next time. Or do more shows, fill arenas, and force them to pay you more. Then I heard Mo’s side of the story.

Mo’nique is not only a legend, she is an Oscar award winner. She also headlined the noted Queens of Comedy tour. The tour both sold out arenas and won awards. However, Netflix says that is not a factor in determining offers. On the other hand, with the aforementioned comedians that was their criteria.

Even with or without her resumé, you have to question the Netflix offer. Mo’Nique did not even receive an offer half of what the other received. In fact, her offer was only 2.5 percent of the $20,000,000 Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock got. Also, it is only 3.85 percent of the $13,000,000 Amy Schumer got. That was after she renegotiated from the original $11,000,000 she was offered.


To be honest my first thought was Mo’Nique was asking for what the got. Instead, she is asking for what she is worth. Even if it is not 20 of 13 million it is definitely more than $500,000. To consider her a legend and make that offer is an insult. Especially when it was Netflix who said they recognized she was a legend.

When Mo’Nique first called for the boycott, the media and social media went crazy. Mo’Nique has not even done much lately. You have not even heard from her since Precious. Even without realizing it, we were reciting her resumé. Many thought they were making Netflix’s point when in actuality they were making Mo’s.


At the end of the day, no one can deny Mo’s legendary status. Even if you don’t feel she is worth $20,000,000 she is worth more than a half a million dollars. Netflix has to know they gravely undervalued Mo’Niques’ worth. There is no doubt she deserves Mo’ money than they offered. I can not say for sure it was either racial or gender-based, but it was definitely


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