5 Reasons Why We Love Dilone

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Dilone understands while she is working in the fashion industry, it becomes easy for models to blend into the crowd.


With a revolving circle of new faces in various editorials and on runway’s, there are very few that actually make the cut. We are programmed to see models as one particular girl, versus a diverse pool of women within the fashion industry. Model, Dilone brings forth great change in regards to what we see as beautiful on and off the runway.

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The 23 year old, Dominican model has been soaring to the top of the industry within the last year. After being seen on the hottest runway’s, on the pages of the best fashion magazines and dancing in the latest fashion campaigns- We can’t seem to get enough of her. With her magnetizing smile, voluptuous curls and electrifying features, she is gaining a worldly following.

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“The fashion industry is ready for something different,” she says.


Dilone represents diversity within the fashion industry. Her beauty doesn’t just run skin deep. Her focus is on bringing diversity and inclusion into the fashion world. Dilone roots for women of color in the industry. She believes it will provide multiple facets of beauty within the world. She speaks freely in regards to how the industry was years ago, where models of color to fought for one modeling gig. Now that diversity is becoming a necessity, she believes there is room for everyone. Standing as the only model of color in many editorials and campaigns, Dilone moves to make a mark within the industry.

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After her breakout season in Fall 2016, Dilone has had her work cut out for her. She has walked in over 50 runway shows, with over 30 editorials and campaigns. From clients ranging from Balmain to Stella McCartney, the model has become sought out on a global level. As she moves to spend a few months in London, the model will continue making her mark.

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Russh- The Face

So, why do we love her? For simply being herself.


We are being provided with such beautiful additions within the fashion world. Additions that touch us deeper than the surface. Dilone happens to represent a change that is necessary to provide inclusion within this industry that we love so dearly. Although we all adore it, it’s awesome to somehow find yourself IN it. She brings an androgynous vibe to the table, while mixing her gorgeous looks with her positive attitude.  After modeling for Versace, with Supermodels of the decade- Dilone’s face makes great impacts.

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