Model Off Duty: Plus-Size Model Paloma Elsesser

 With flawless skin and a curvy silhouette plus-size model, Paloma Elsesser has molded to a model on the rise. As one of the faces of FENTY beauty and muse for British make-up artist Pat McGrath’s cosmetic line, Paloma is sure to redefine beauty standards.

Image of Paloma Elsesser for Glossier
image courtesy of Glossier press

According to WMagazine, the 25-year old Los Angeles native stardom emerged from the resources of social media. The plus-size modeled shared with Allure magazine that thanks to Instagram Pat McGrath’s search to connect with downtown girls introduced Pat to Paloma. As much negativity that social media embarks on society, it balances that negativity by providing positivity as well. And, by that positivity people are able to utilize media, increasing their careers whether it’s on purpose or by mistake.

Paloma is a client of Muse Modeling Management agency in New York, Paloma has been featured in campaigns for NIKE, ASOS and a beauty brand Glossier. Also, the model has been featured in VOGUE, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and PEOPLE. With over 125,000 followers on Instagram, Paloma has been able to give her fans and followers a glimpse of her modeling career and her personable personality. She gives you real and raw perspective on a glamoured model world. Nonetheless, the authentic persona is much to be inspired by and shows that she’s much more than a PLUS-SIZE model. You may catch a few glamorous images of the plus-sized model. Often, you may find the model in her raw form with flawless skin and beautiful curves living her best life and enjoying every moment with simplicity.

Check out images below.

Image of Paloma Elsesser for ASOS campaign
courtesy of ASOS| via Paloma Elsesser @plomija
Image of Paloma Elsesser of NIKE
via Paloma Elsesser Instagram @palomija NIKE campaign
Image of Paloma Elsesser of teen vogue
Image courtesy of Teen Vogue| via @palomija


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