The Evolution Of Singer Monica’s Hair!

IMG 0011Oh! the many changes of Grammy Award winning singer Monica’s hair. The Atlanta native not only knows how to serenade us with her voice but she captivates with her evolving style.

IMG 0027
Left to Right Monica’s Albums: Miss Thang, The Boy is Mine, After the Storm, The Making of Me, Still Standing and Code Red

Since debuting her first album in 1995 “Miss Thang” Monica Brown introduced herself as someone to pay close attention to. From her voice, style of clothing, her hardcore persona to the signature short hair. “Miss Thang was the beginning evolution of Monica’s hair. Throughout the years she has provided short and long with bold colors that have complemented her beautiful face. Seems like with the every change of the hair evolution in the black community, many people are trying all hairstyles. But, only a select few can pull off everything they try. And, Miss Thang looks good in anything!

Below here’s a few pics of Monica’s hair evolution.IMG 0028

Monica Brown is not only a style icon. But, she is a mother, wife, philanthropist and entrepreneur. Thank GOD for smart phones and social media because it allow viewers to get a little closer to they’re favorite celebrity. And, thanks to Monica not only do we get to share her adventures with her and her family. But, we can get inspiration for our next hair do!

IMG 0012Monica has never been afraid to give us inches, but who doesn’t love her many short hairstyles. Emerging on the seen as a 13 year old rocking a sophisticated short style, she has continue to show us how to rock our natural coils for the short life. But, for the singer  healthy hair is just as important as stylish hair. Monica has shared many Instagram post and videos on how she treats her and her beautiful daughter Laiyah’s hair. Healthy hair makes stylish revolutionary!. Lets just say that “Miss Thang” is our personal hair chameleon and we can’t wait to see what style is next!

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