Monochromatic Makeup

Read on about one of the latest makeup trends: monochromatic makeup!


The name of the makeup trend speaks for itself. Monochromatic basically means one shade or color range. So with monochromatic makeup, your are just using one particular color as your overall makeup look. Just think of Picasso’s paintings during the Blue Period when he only focused on blues. The greatest thing about monochromatic makeup is the fact that it looks good on everyone.

Monochromatic makeup

So, now that you know what monochromatic makeup is, let’s get into some of the basics. After you apply your foundation, try to select a color that works for your skin tone. This method will give a safe option, which is good for any and all occasions. It would be best to pick colors for something special like date night.

Monochromatic makeup Rihanna

The focus of the monochromatic makeup look should be on the eyes, lips and cheeks. With those three areas of focus, try to find some balance between the level of intensity. So, if you go for a heavy mono eye look, soften the lip and cheek area for the smokey eye effect. If you want to have a deep colored lip, go for less intense cheeks and eyes.

Monochromatic makeup RyanOne of the great things about monochromatic makeup is the fact that it can be a time saver. You really do not have to spend too much time selecting different colors that will look good with your overall look. Mono makeup keeps it simple, which is always wonderful. Furthermore, you can select multi purpose products that can act as a 2 in 1, think how cool it is to use one product for your eyes and lips or your cheeks and eyes.

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Monochromatic makeup can be a classic look and a time saver. In addition to saving time, you can also save money. Buying multi purpose products cuts down the amount you have to spend and reduces the amount of clutter. Also, you won’t have to use as many brushes and can use fingers, in some cases. It’s all up to you. This look is great for those that have never really jump head first into the deep end of the makeup pool. Mono makeup is also good for those that wish to move away from the full on glam, IG caked up look (even if it is cute). This is similar to the “no makeup” look, but with color and the same good looking end result.

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