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Movie Review: “Acrimony” [Spoilers Alert]

Movie Review: “Acrimony” [Spoilers Alert]


Taraji P. Henson acting
Taraji P. Henson in a scene of her new movie, “Acrimony” written and directed by Tyler Perry

It’s been almost two years since Beyonce’s Lemonade anniversary, and if that album/visuals didn’t teach you how women reacted when they’ve reached their breaking point in a relationship, then this new movie film “Acrimony” will.

Tyler Perry’s new psychological thriller, “Acrimony” stars FOX hit show, Empire’s leading lady, Taraji P. Henson, and one of the leading men from Netflix hit series, “She’s Gotta Have It,” Lyric Bent.

The film starts of by Henson’s character, Melinda Moore-Gayle, in a courtroom with her ex-husband, Bent’s character, Robert Gayle. But quickly goes back in time with the two characters as young college lovers, played by Ajiona Alexus as young Melinda, and Antonio Madison as a young Bent. Crystle Danae Stewart from Perry’s “For Better or Worse” plays Diana Wells, the woman Melinda has a vendetta against.


Melinda, finds herself on a therapy couch, telling her therapist how her life got so messed up, after falling in love with Robert. Melinda starts talking about her and Robert met, and how from the very beginning of their relationship, Robert had her sprung, and she was “crazy in love.” She inheirted her mom’s house along with her two older sisters, who received $350,000 each. She found herself using most of that money on Robert, buying him a car, paying his college tuition, and even investing in his battery invention.

After getting married, she found herself blowing the rest of that inherit money on paying all the bills by herself, while Robert stayed home working on his battery. He claimed that it was going to make him millions of dollars, when this investment company calls him and invest in his rechargeable battery. Melinda putting all her trust and faith in her husband’s dreams, she ends having to mortgage her mom’s house, after Robert convinced her to do so.

Almost 18 years go by, and their still following the same routine. Robert staying home all day working all his battery, still with the hopes of the investing company calling him.

Robert runs into Diane, a girl who he cheated with while dating Melinda, who then helps him get a meeting with Prescott, the CEO of the investtment company. Prescott offered Robert less than a million dollars, yet he declined.

Melinda not believing Robert about the meeting and why he was with Diane, she asks for a divorce. After the divorce is finalized, with the help of Diane, the CEO ends up offering Robert a 75 million deal. Robert ends up paying Melinda back in full and then some, giving her 10 million, for the one million she blew on him. Melinda takes that as Robert trying to get back together, and she accepts; however, that’s not the case. He’s engaged to Diane by then,  and Melinda then begins to lose her mind, and committing to do whatever to break them up.


The 5 vocabulary words and definitions that were used as transitions during the scene, to represent the different stages of what Melinda was going through was brilliant.

The first word was acrimony, to express the bitterness and anger Melinda was feeling towards Robert due to being in a unhappy marriage. Second word was sunder, to describe the stage of their relationship when she asks for the divorce. Next word was bewail, that represented how she was feeling, when she wanted Robert back, but he now has a fiancé. Fourth word was deranged, at this chapter of the film, Henson was going crazy, to the point where her sisters and their husbands warned Robert and Diane to be careful, because they didn’t know what Melinda might do. The last word was inexorable, to explain that she was at the point of no return.

It was hard not to think of Tyler Perry’s 2013 romance/drama, “Temptation” while watching this film. The therapy scene, and the leading lady reminiscing about her young self was a little unoriginal. And the cheesy part, was at the ending, which I won’t reveal.

It left me a little upset after the film was over. But if you’re looking for a film that will keep you interested and locked-in, this is a film you want to go see.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5


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