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Moving “Back Home” Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

Moving “Back Home” Doesn’t Mean You’ve Failed

We have all encountered a time in life where we had to go back home. Yes, Go home.

Some people have had to move back from college, and some of us have had to go back after moving away. This may create feelings and thoughts of embarrassment, failure and sometimes depression, but, did you know that going home doesn’t mean you are a failure.

Often times, we seem to associate having to go reroute and take a step back with failure, but have we ever asked ourselves why? Why do we consider ourselves failures, because plans didn’t work out the way we wanted or hoped.

Sometimes God reroutes us for a reason. We fail to realize, that things never really go the way we want them to go anyway. No matter how much we pray, speak things into existence, and properly plan, things sometimes, and well most of the time, don’t turn out perfect. And unfortunately, we have to go back home.

At the moment, of course, our mindset goes to all the negative things, and we think the lowest of ourselves, when we have to run back home.  When in reality, we should be grateful that we have somewhere to go back to.I can personally say, I’ve had to go back after living away for 3.5 years, yes 3.5 years. Literally, every thought in my head was failure, or what am I going to do now? Although, your hardest moments in life may seem more painful than anything, those are the times that will teach you about what you are made of, more than anything else. One of the most important things I learned, when I made the choice, was that what I once thought was the worst thing in the world…I got through it. It was all apart of God’s plan at the time, and at the end of the day, his plan is the best plan.

So, why must go home being associated with failure? There is so much beauty in having somewhere you can go back to and regroup. You can regroup, replan and most importantly redirect your path.  Why don’t we start looking at it as a blessing? What a blessing to be able to go back home to a family that loves us.

Adrienne Bailon spoke on the beauty of going home during an episode of “The Real” check out what she had to say below…

Adrienne discussing going home on the real“When you grow up and you have dreams and goals and you tell yourself you’re gonna go for them, I went for my dreams and actually made it into a girl group called 3LW. I don’t know if people remember 3LW. Loved that group…ummm…but at some point that started falling apart for us. And I remember having to go back home. I had like been on TRL and done things before and I was really proud of that success. But I remember when I thought it was over and I remember just feeling like, ‘Well then I guess I’ll just go home.’ Right, like, but feeling a little embarrassed and like a failure. Like it had been a failure. But that moment in my life taught me so much. Going back home and even though other opportunities came years later, at that point you don’t see that. You just think it’s over. That like, this is it. This is the end of my career. I won’t go anywhere else with it. And the crazy thing about learning to go home is that I’m OK with going home.”

I have to agree with Adrienne. Going home will never be a failure in my book again. You know why? Because even if I have to go home a 100 times, at least I did it.  I can say I did it, and it didn’t work out. But most importantly, going home just means God has a different plan for us, and we have to learn to be okay with it.


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