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Too Much Makeup…What’s your limit?

Too Much Makeup…What’s your limit?

How much is too much when it comes to buying new makeup all the time?


Recently, while on a YouTube binge, there were a lot of beauty and makeup lovers posting “anti-hauls.” Basically, they were going down the list of items they did not wish to purchase. Sounds fair enough, considering that one can spend their money wherever they please. While watching, it just made me think about makeup and the frequent releases. There was simply one burning question… how much is too much?

anti haul

We all love the appeal of something shiny and new. That aspect of human behavior may never change. It’s always cool to have the new thing. In this instance, the new thing is makeup. At times, it feels as if there is a palette launching every day. The market appears over saturated.

too many beauty products

Yes, each company has their target audience and wants to expand. Some are just simply loyal to a particular brand.  However,  what is the point of releasing yet another highlighter? Do these companies really expect people to buy the same product 600 times? Sure, you can argue that the pigmentation is different, but if you have 5 already, do you need another one that looks similar to the others you own?

How the Highlighters Look When Applied

If you were to buy every bit of makeup that is released, you may end up wasting your money. You can only wear so much makeup at one given time. Okay, so you need something new, but when need something new everyday, what is technically new becomes old and pushed to the side. Sadly, the product has barely been touched. What is to become of your new old makeup? Do you donate or do you hoard it until it expires?

Dont Need ItPlease note, this is not to makeup shame. It’s great to have the things that bring joy, but as they say, too much of a good thing is not a good thing. Also, this question does not have anything to do with those that collect limited editions. The question is: how much is too much? What is your personal limit on the amount of makeup you buy? It’s just something to think about.


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