Music, Money, & The Making of Men–“Jersey Boys” Movie Coming To A Theater Near You!

No summer is complete without some kind of a biopic or historical movie. Last year it was “12 Years A Slave,” and in 2012 it was “The Help.” This summer’s first biopic definitely appears to be just as riveting as paints a different spin on oppression and poverty from the point of view of four young men born on the wrong side of the tracks in New Jersey. Prepare yourselves to learn about the life, love, ups, and downs of the iconic rock group, “The Four Seasons” in “Jersey Boys!”


This film is the latest brainchild of legendary actor/director Clint Eastwood. He definitely has film making down to an art now as this movie will soon be labeled a cinematic masterpiece. The film has somewhat of a “Five Heartbeats” feel, but being that they are a fictional group and the Four Seasons were not that description has to be flipped around. It is interesting to see how the group formed and grew up in one of the more dangerous neighborhoods in New Jersey. Each of the guys are streetwise and can carry tunes like none other. “Jersey Boys” is not just for older generations. The songs in the film are timeless. Hits like “Candy Girl,” “Dawn,” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” are just a few you have hummed and not known where they came from!

Interestingly, the film is not only based on The Four Season, but the hit Broadway play also entitled “Jersey Boys.” The play received four coveted Tony Awards for “Best Musical” in 2006. Needless, to say I’m ready to see the Frankie Valli my grandmother was gaga over! This film is bringing historical music to a new generation. You loved “Dreamgirls” and “Sparkle” so get ready to become enamored by an actual, factual group of guys that made history! Catch “Jersey Boys” in theaters everywhere June 20th!

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