[REVIEW] Cordae Gomes AKA “Coryummy” is “Core-FLAT!”

cordae gomes coryummy

We love ourselves some independent artists at Kontrol Magazine, especially when they are delivering new and amazing music. Sadly, this is not always the case, and some just fall flat–on their faces and on notes–and surprisingly, Cordae Gomes is one of them!

We have known of Cordae for a while, namely from the gayfamous web reality series, G-Status ATL Hustle, and that is where his claim to fame stops as his music is nothing short of terrible. He recently released a few singles from his yet unreleased album, Coryummy. His first single (which should be his last) is a diss track of his G-Status castmate, Sherrod Willis. In the single he discusses his penis size, slut shames Sherrod, and makes him the star of the series simply by making this half-baked song about him.

Check out a few of the comments left about his track below:

Jah….quit promoting your boyfriends bad music just because yall together….nobody likes his cocky attitude and narcissistic and entitled view of himself….keep it

A bit too old for this, try again baby bop. Maybe Charlie can help write a song.

I blame the ppl around him. Can’t possibly have real friends if they let you put this out🤦🏾‍♂️.

This was Garbage, throw him & that trash song away 🗑🚮 🤦🏾‍♂️🤬

sherrod willis coryummy diss track
Sherrod Willis

We have to wholeheartedly agree with these commentators. Cordae’s next song–wait there is no next song–as sources tell us he has put a halt to his album due to the negative reviews and to focus on his relationship with G-Status ATL showrunner and director, Jah Kitai (The “Jah” mentioned in the comments). Truthfully, there was no amount of controversy to sell this or any of his songs. They just aren’t bops. The two alleged on the popular Atlanta blogger, Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning’s radio show, The Hey Mikey Show that they waited until after the first season of the show wrapped, but we know otherwise.

cordae gomes and jah kitaiWe know otherwise, just like we know Cordae should stick to his day job at a faux-pricey retail store to fuel his “forthcoming album” and leave the real music and singing to actual singers. The next season of this G-Status show should be interesting, but only if he is not there caterwauling or riding Sherrod’s coat tails. The nerve!