Must Have Movie Props: Superhero Edition!

Movies are like magic on a screen. Nowhere else do we get to see our greatest fantasies come to life, to weave an even more awesome story before our eyes.This phenomenon definitely rings true with superhero movies. Just think about the cinematic magic and experience you get when Iron Man shoots a repulsor beam, Thor tosses Mjolnir, or you see Batman with any of his gadgets! Which is why when we were approached to blog about some of our favorite movie props, we felt it necessary to dedicate it to our favor costumed heroes and a few of their villains. To put it simply, if these items were real we would be bad ass!


#5. Mjolnir- Thor’s hammer was forged in the heart of a dying star and has the power to control the weather and generate lightning! This mighty mace is so central to the character of Thor that you cannot think of him without it. Combine that with an enchantment that prevents anyone unworthy of wielding it and you have your own personalized world destroyer. Kudos to Marvel Studios for making it more modern looking!


#4. The Infinity Gauntlet-Although it appears to be a metallic gauntlet, in actuality it is the sole device in all the universe that can contain the power of The Infinity Gems–five stones that when combined will make you the most powerful being in the universe. It will also be central to the plots of Avengers: Infinity War Parts One and Two coming in 2018 and 2019, respectively.


#3. The Batsuit- Iron Man’s armor will always be impressive, but it is not very practical. There is no such thing as a timely sneak attack when it comes to The Golden Avenger. However, when it comes a suit people not only respect, but fear, Batman has it all the way! The Baitsuit is light weight, bullet proof, fire proof, a grappling gun, houses an arsenal of weapons, the cape allows limited flight and is a polymerized titanium, and then there’s the utility belt. Need I say more? Bats is ready for any situation, even a cosmic one!


#2. Cerebro- Professor X used this dainty headpiece to assemble Marvel’s premiere team of mutant heroes. Not only can it scan the globe for mutant minds, it enhances its wearer’s telepathic abilities to reach out to every mind on the planet. Considering Professor X and Jean Grey are powerful on their own, any device that could amplify their abilities is definitely worth having.


#1. Magneto’s Helmet- If you take someone’s mind then you have them wholly. It is a good thing Magneto realized this and (in the comics) created a head piece of his own to counteract Professor X’s intrusions and attacks. Magneto’s helmet is not just a defensive head dress, it is a political statement: “We will survive by any means necessary.” You’ve got to love a movie prop that states #MutantLivesMatter!

What movie prop would you own if it were real? Comment below!

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