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Mya Talks Strip Clubs, Jay Z Rumors And More

Mya Talks Strip Clubs, Jay Z Rumors And More

“…I’m from PG County, and that can get a little dangerous if I’m pushed.” ~ Mya

Words said by the Grammy winner as to why she has no interest in doing reality television.

When it comes to Mya, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to see her regain the achievements she had when signed under Interscope Records.

Not only could (still can) sing, but she literally had original talent, beauty and the whole package to compete in the Ciara-Beyoncé-Rihanna kind of world.

And while her music isn’t necessarily in heavy rotation on today’s radio countdowns, she’s still ticking independently. Mya has her own label called Planet 9 and is still maintaining her relevancy 16-years strong.

Last year, she made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The first pit of misconstrued news was when she was added to the list of Jay Z’s mistresses during the promo run for the “On the Run” tour. The collaborative tour of Jay Z and wife Beyoncé generated massive sales. Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, gave an interview with Houston’s 104.1 radio station and led listeners to believe that the cheating rumors and “SolangeGate” may have been “Jedi Mind Trick” to help amass ticket sales.

A site called Crazy Days Crazy Nites threw out a blind item that may have led their readers to believe that Mya was a longtime side-chick of Jay Z, but she immediately set the record straight.

Another rumor that linked Mya and Jay Z together was during the making of their 2000 hit “Best of Me.” According to an interview with Trackmasters, Mya appeared a bit standoffish towards Jay Z when he came to record his rhyme. Whatever discrepancies took place, it didn’t stop Mya’s ability to rule the charts back then.

Her recent interview with Juicy magazine laid the rumors to rest:

“I laughed [when she first heard about the Jay-Z rumor] because I’m a single woman, and it just came out of the blue from an unreliable source, and you just have to laugh at stuff like that. Now had I been in a relationship or something like that, that would have been very messy, you know. But I know what comes with the territory of being a public figure, and that’s just how it is and that’s how it’s always been. It doesn’t matter if you’re minding your business, if you’re married, if you’re celibate, if anything. Some things are just going to happen, and I thought it was quite disrespectful, but you never know where the source comes from, and you just stay prayed up. I know who I am – it doesn’t really affect me nowadays.”

On if she’s in contact with Jay Z:

“We’ve never been in touch, not even when we did the song [2000’s ‘The Best Of Me’].”

Mya also saw her name make headlines last year after performing at Miami’s G5 strip club. What some may have failed to realize was that the singer was promoting the song “Money.” However, in our cellular digitized world, no one wanted to make mention of that part.

On the deceptive headlines that followed her performance at G5:

You didn’t see me touch one pole, you didn’t see me take any clothes off. It’s the same dance break I’ve been doing for three-years to this song called ‘Earthquake’ featuring Trina, who happens to live in Miami, and I’ve performed at strip clubs since I was eighteen-years-old. But we’re in a cell phone camera generation where if something is captured from a certain angle, not the professional camera, not the professional videographer from the front, or anything.

Either way, Mya still has fand we’re still watching. For more about how Mya has been able to live well,  saying “no” to reality television, finances and her independent label, click here.


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