Mykki Blanco Reveals Being HIV Positive

It was with great courage and relentlessness that rapper, poet, actor; author Mykki Blanco announced via Facebook that she’s been living with HIV since 2011.

The rapper’s announcement came the eve of Brooklyn’s Pride week, which began June 13.mykki_blanco_3_01

Mykki Blanco also known as Michael Quattlebaum Jr. revealed to Interview magazine that she is originally from San Mateo, California, and Raleigh, North Carolina. Mykki is Michael’s flamboyant “glam-rock” other half.

Michael ran away to New York for a while at the age of 16, where he started cross-dressing. At that time Blanco said is when he started his “inklings of my ‘transgendered life.’” Later he moved back to California until he was 20, then to Chicago to attend the Art Institute.

The Illuminati Princess’ outrageous performances, and visual aesthetics are rooted in theatre. Not until she moved to New York 2010 where she discovered her musical performing skills and thus Mykki Blanco was revealed.

She’s been living with the disease nearly all of her career but that hasn’t stopped her from completing img-mykkiblanco2_15271153655three successful world tours and trailblazing as an independent artist.

Late March, the multifaceted punk star announced her retirement from music, she said, “to focus and pursue a passion I’ve had for quite some time now which is investigative journalism.” She will focus her talents on documenting homosexuality and gay culture.

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