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Mystikal’s Alleged Accomplice Says She Has Proof His Rape Accuser is Lying!

Mystikal is not the only person wanted for this alleged rape that he is being charged with this past weekend involving a Louisiana woman.

Mystikal allegedly had an accomplice, Tenichia Wafford, who is still at large! Unlike Mystikal, however Tenichia is refusing to turn herself in and has made a video stating she has proof that the alleged victim is lying!

Check out the video below:

“Ain’t nobody did nothing to that girl,” she said. “She even told me — and yes, I got it on record — that she said ain’t nobody did nothing to her. This is some bulls**t, though. They done threw me for a loop, because if I would’ve knew all of this, I wouldn’t have even called. I was just calling to check up on a friend. That’s all I was doing.”

Wafford is wanted by the authorities because it is reported that she tried to strong-arm the alleged victim into dropping the rape charges in the alleged attack that occurred in October 2016 in Louisiana.

via TMZ:

mystikal rape charges

Tenichia Wafford is wanted because cops say she tried to strong-arm the alleged victim into dropping charges that Mystikal and another man raped her in October of last year in Louisiana.

Tenichia admits she called the woman, but only because they were friends, and that’s when the alleged victim told her there was no rape. It’s unclear if Tenichia is saying the alleged victim stated there was sexual contact with consent or no sexual contact at all. Tenichia says she recorded her conversation with the alleged victim.

Tenichia is still on the run. It’s unclear why she doesn’t go to the cops and try and explain things.

We are with the folks over at TMZ about this one! If she has evidence to clear Mystikal’s name then she should turn herself in and end this whole messy situation. We hope this is either resolved, or there is some justice served for all the parties involved.

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