Nasty Gal Debuts New Footwear Line ‘Shoe Cult’

The very popular e-tailer Nasty Gal has added their own footwear line called Shoe Cult. The 180-piece line is perfect for any budget with an affordable price point of $68 to $188 for any of their styles, including everything from sensible flats to sky-high platforms. Co-founder, CEO, and CCO Sophia Amoruso says shoes were a natural pairing to their apparel line, which is proving to be quite lucrative for them.

“The stuff we’re designing has better sell-through [than third-party designers], but we will always continue to carry other designers. This is just the sprinkling on top.”

This is just another notch in the e-tailer’s private label belt, and they’ll follow it up with another 50 styles in September, then 60 in October, and then swimwear and lingerie collections in 2014.