Natural Everyday Make-up Look

Let’s face it ladies, most of us don’t wake-up flawless.  Sometimes, we need that extra help to make us look more polished before we step out.  Every woman should have a go to ‘Everyday Make-up Routine’ that is their tried and true and can be completed under 10 minutes.

Kim Kardashian has perfected this ‘no make-up, make-up’ look as seen below.  Her make-up looks flawless, natural, and effortless.

Let’s recreate it!

Natural Makeup Look


1. A good primer, such as NYX photo primer (not pictured above) should start off your look before adding your favorite concealer or foundation.  I like to start off with my concealer, but have seen concealer added after foundation.  This LA Girl Pro Concealer is a cheap alternative to MAC’s pro concealer.  The formula is perfect!

2. My tried and true foundation has been Revlon’s ColorStay.  I love it because this foundation is buildable – it can be as sheer or full coverage as you desire.  Also, the price is right: you can get this at your drugstore for $8 or less if it is on sale!

3. Next you want to set your foundation.  My favorite powder has consistently been FIT Me! by Maybelline.  It is light and does not look cake-y on top of your foundation and definitely helps to combat shine.

4. This NARS illuminator is my favorite highlighter.  To achieve Kim’s natural glow, apply this illuminator down the center of your nose and on your ‘cupid’s bow’.  You can also add this as a highlighter on your brow bone if you need to brighten up your eyes a bit.

5. This NARS blush and bronzer combo is genius! Apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks and stroke out and toward your hair line.  Add the bronzer in the hallows of your cheek, temples, jaw line, and sides of your nose to contour.

6. Fill in your eyebrows with a eyebrow pencil, preferably one that has a waxy finish to it to set your eyebrows at the same time.  You want to choose a color that is a shade lighter than your eyebrow’s natural color.  Take the pencil and do light strokes to mimic hair.  Take a spool brush to brush the pencil through your eyebrows and tame the hairs and blend out the pencil.

7.  To recreate Kim’s bright-eyed full lashes look, I recommend a voluminous mascara like L’Oreal’s Miss Manga.  Apply two coats of mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

8.  Finally, sweep on your favorite lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a nude shade that compliments your skin tone and you are ready to go!


Androgynous anchored with class and splashes of trendy is how I would describe my style with my bottom line style category being boho-chic. I love to challenge myself with new experiences and surrounding myself with positivity. Detroit raised me and Atlanta is grooming me. Sit back and enjoy the ride...I promise you this will be good.

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